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Service Level

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    John Scott

    Does anyone kow how service level is calculated?

    Rakesh Luthra

    Dear John

    Service level Percentage

    Service level % = accepted calls * 100
    Total Calls Offered

    Total Calls Offered = Actual Calls Landing in hunt group or VDN
    Accepted Calls = Calls landed on ACD and attended within Acceptable Service Level

    Any Queries are welcomed.

    Email :


    Whilst I do not profess to be correct I think my answer is closer to to the truth than the previous answer:

    Service level is the % of calls answered in a given time frame. For example if you had a service level objective of 80% of calls answered in 20 seconds then the measure of that is the number of calls that were answered in 20 seconds. If all calls were answered within 20 seconds then you have a service level of 100%.

    The time frame agreed upon is the key to service level measurmenet and management.

    John Bruce

    The Percentage of Service Level during the time period X will be:

    No. of Calls answered during X * 100
    No. of calls landed on ACD during X


    I very much agree with suggestion put down by Mr John Bruse as well as Rakesh.

    service level is calculated by number of call answered out of the number of call landed in the call center multiplied by 100. This will give the answer in %


    All of the above are probably correct – yet there are many ways in which srvice level can be calculated; dependant on what is agreed by management or even regulators.

    1)service level can be calculated from calls answered in a specific time band in relation to calls offered to the ACD.

    2)Service level can also be calculated from your calls answered in your time band in relation to you calls answered in total; in which case:

    (Calls Ans in {Time band – ie 30sec}/Calls ans in Total)*100 = Service level


    The universally accepted calculation is x% of calls answered in y seconds. But there are many variations of this, and several iterations that managers use to manipulate statistics.

    If you are interested in consulting services in establishing service level targets and sustainable measurements, please send me an email.

    Good luck!


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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