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calculating max concurrent h323 voip ses

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    Gagandeep Singh

    hi, i am doin project on voip and supposed to calculate max no of concurent session possible in a H323 based voip.

    if anybody have idea plz reply


    You need 2 pieces of information.

    1. The audio codec/compression you will use for the calls. Typically it is either G729 or G723. You can look up on the internet to find out how much bandwidth they each need. Make sure you do not forget to add in the IP overhead like packet header and such to determine complete per call bandwidth required.

    2. You need to know how much bandwidth you have available to you at the location. You need to know both up and down bandwidth.

    Once you have both of these it is simple math to divide one into the other and that will give you the number of calls.


    Gagandeep Singh

    Thanks MikeM;

    as told by you i will check which compressiom i am using( i am using sjphone for voip).please make me understand what other factors i have to add in that?as you told (IP overhead like packet header)
    i mean to say how to calculate how to determine these factrors( i am using tshark for getting information about packets.


    you have to add on the ip header and other factors based on the type of network you use, any type of header compression, etc. These are all based on your router settings.

    typically a g729 will use between 18 and 20k per call per direction, but you can find all this if you search on the internet.


    Dear Sir,

    I am a programmer in Embedded systems. I am interested in the Voice over Internet Protocol. so I am mailing you for that. I need the whole programmings of the TCP/IP based VOice Over IP.
    It will be very kind of you if you consider my cxam and send me all the programm details including C, C++ & Visual Baasic.
    Waiting for your reply.

    Thnx & Rgds.

    unbelievable to Amin

    Maybe we should just give you the full application so that you do not need to do any work and just start using it to make money while paying nothing to get it??

    If you truly are a programmer in this, you should have no problem creating your own application.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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