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How to channel group on DX gateway

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    Mahbubul Hasan Chowdhury

    Any body knows how to channel group on DX quintum. Pls reply.

    MikeM to Mahubul

    If you mean to add or remove channels from group, you would use the MAP command. It is described in the CLI Reference guide on how to use.

    If you are looking to separate channels from the same E1 (or T1) to 2 different groups, there is a restriction in that you are not allowed to do this if the line is E1 and/or it is a T1 ISDN/PRI.


    Mahbubul Hasan Chowdhury

    I want to use my dx as follows

    channel ChanGrp-SL9DV1DI1 ChanGrp-newcg
    ——- ———————- ——————
    1..20 X
    21..24 X

    where dial prefix for 1..20 is xxx
    and dial prefix for 21..24 is yyy

    pls give me detail configuration and don’t refer to quintum website.

    MikeM to Mahbubul


    As I wrote above, if you have this as an E1 line or it is ISDN, you CANNOT separate channels into groups. You can only have one group.

    If this was an analog quintum you CAN separate in to different groups.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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