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sip configuration

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    Hi all,
    i want to configure a quintum dx for sip calls, i’ve read a sip document in quintum site and i did all the suggested parameters, but i can’t make a call, i’m asking if you have any idea of how to configure dx for sip, and how can i konw that the quintum is registred in the sip proxy

    thank you for your help



    What are you registering your DX unit to? Are you the admin of this software or are you trying to register to a third party service? You will need to configure the SIP parameters, t1/e1 parameters and properly set the dialplan. If you would like specific help on your setup you can email me at.



    how to use quintum a800 with sip configuration to make 2 port of pbx on quintum,,,,?
    thanks you for your question..

    MikeM to dddd

    If you are talking about the older generation 1 A800, you need to understand a couple of things;

    1. Quintum no longer makes nor supports this model.
    2. There is a “BETA” sip software on their web site for this model, but like the A800, it is not supported. Worse yet, because it is beta, it was never fully tested. It was actually created in 2004 so it is 4 years old with no updates since or after.

    You can try to use this, but I have seen about 50% success rate with this software and the unit. If your requirement is SIP, I suggest you purchase the newer quintum, AX800 that fully supports SIP.



    to mikeM
    hallo, tahnks for your answer….
    my the software on the quintum A800 is have updated with :

    Product Name: Tenor Analog A800 Multipath Switch – 8 ports (Rev. B)
    Gatekeeper Status: Mini
    GK Calls Allowed: 8
    Feature Bit Status: -PS/+RB/-ER
    Languages allowed: 1
    Serial Number: A002-0082A9
    Ethernet Address: 00-30-E1-00-82-A9
    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Gateway:
    System Software Version: P5-2-1(LEC) (1678285/0xFF74)
    Boot Software Version: P4-1-3 (180592/0xE814)
    Database Version: 2.08 09-13-2000 (278376)

    that is dekripsion config of my quintum. so how to make this quintum work in the port SIP.
    thanks for your answer…
    please answer Now.
    thanks you

    MikeM to DDDD

    “Please answer Now” a little impatient it seems.

    In any case, if you would like me to provide you the full config, but again, there is no guarantee that this this will work, you may send me a message direct to my email of



    Hi all,
    i want to configure Tenor dx for h323 config, i want it to work with AVAYA S8720 with both equipment should be on the same do i do it.
    thanks you all.


    Hi all,
    i want to configure a quintum dx for sip calls, i’m asking if you have any idea of how to configure dx for sip?

    thank you for your help

    MikeM to Sardar


    that is pretty general question. There are many ways to configure quintum for use with SIP. If it is orig, you will need to configure the quintum to connect through a sip server (you must provide). If it is for term, then you do not need to do anything different than you would for H323.

    If you need further assistance, please contact me directly at

    Abrar Aslam

    I want to change the configuration of Quintum Tenor 960 from H323 to SIP. Please explain me what setting do I need to change.

    Dirceu Ciupka


    I am tryng to setup a Quintum DX 4060.
    One side is a SIP TRUNK provided by a Asterisk PBX, and other side a PSTN 2 Mb MFC-R2.

    I can do orig calls, but dont incoming calls.

    Can you help me with any information?


    Dirceu Ciupka

    MikeM to Dirceu Ciupka


    There is a document on quintum’s web site that may help on this. Just search for SIP on there web site. The basic is that you need to set the quintum to register to your sip server and then your sip server will control the routing.


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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