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PBX Siemens 3550 + HG1500 IP card, setup

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    Guillaume P.


    I’m currently working in a telecom company, I’m still student.
    I have a Siemens PBX 3550 with a HG1500 IP card. All is running with HiPath 3000. I’ve also some OptiPoint 420 Economy IP phones (Siemens).

    Is somebody have any idea of the best way to set up the HG1500 and the phones? Indeed, the Siemens ‘Administrator Manual’ explain me the role of each button, but I don’t know where beggining.
    The final aim is to connect two distant places with the help of a VPN on a xDSL link, and to integrate QoS.

    Also, do you know a website or other where I could find out more information please?

    Thank you in advance.


    how install pbx siemens+hg1500ip card setup

    Ali Dambatta

    i have a little idea on this.
    ok kindly fix the HG 1500 ip card,and upload its to the hipath 3500 using the software ,make sure its active,then configure an ip address to the hig card,a defult.ip so when ever u re login in to the system try and choose the hig ip


    HOw to configur in hipath 3550 Hg 1500 card configuration

    eric M

    I have a station runing hiapth 3550 it was working well but now i cannot connect to the ip card using a browser or manager e what could be the problem

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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