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Tenor -DX ISDN Issue

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    I get a cause code 96 returned from the ISDN side when I make an outbound call from the Quintum. I do not know what information element I am missing. Here is the setup message being sent to L3:

    TBCSM[52]: Setup from peer=0x960ccca0 NP=0x1 NT=0x2.
    OrigNum=9739460103 NormNum=9739460103 TranNum=9739460103 OrigDest=.
    PriTermCall: [52] PRI: Using default ANI=8662489355.
    ch |01/01| 2007/01/29|11:46:41:495 |PRI(2,0,1,0×8002): sending SETUP_REQ to L3.
    Set TxPayload(101) and RxPayload(101)
    sproto |01/01| 2007/01/29|11:46:41:495 |[ua]:Received Iuca Message from CH

    Here is the return code from the PRI-ISDN side:

    PRI(2,0,1,0×8002): received CLEAR_IND from L3.
    CallInfo[52]: disconnected event. cause=96 legno=1 leg=1 sentLeg=0.

    CallInfo [52]: discTickm(288678) connTickm(0) duration (0)

    Please help.

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    MikeM to Kalpan


    This could be a difficult thing to troubleshoot without getting your ISDN provider involved to tell you what is missing.

    You may want to look at the ISDN events by doing the following;

    ev l3 pri_dec 1..1
    ev c
    ev qu


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    I have the same problem, but it is a outgoing call originating at my PBX then isdn to Tenor DX then SIP to a SIP gateway.

    Did you find a solution?

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    MikeM to Julian


    Then again, my answer is pretty much the same. I would need to see logs and such to check out the ISDN message and the real cause code and other information to see what is exactly happening.


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    I seemed to fix the problem.
    I switched from NI2 Signalling to QSIG which I have read as being the best for “inter PBX signalling”
    I no longer get the information element missing problem. My logs gave exactly the same return code from the PRI-ISDN side as Kalpan.

    #31326 Reply
    MikeM Julian


    that is good news.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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