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portaone vs nextone

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    I am comparing between the two and i can’t figure out which one is the best. I know nextone is used by many popular voip services and im not really sure who uses portaone. problem is right now is that we dont know what nextone has that porta dont or vice versa. What is the difference between nextone, rsm and msx, and portaone, portabilling and portasip? what can one do and the other can not. I am very confused

    Alex Zhilyakov

    Nextone MSx is a very powerful SIP/H323 soft-switch. Works like rock, but expensive.

    PortaBilling is a decent pre/post-paid billing system (the best of cheap low-end billing solutions)

    PortaSIP is a collection of SER/Asterisk/Vovida which provides SIP-based services and integrates them with PortaBilling.

    Other than that, it is impossible to suggest not knowing the details of your problem.

    Honza Vomacka

    I think “PortaOne vs. Nextone” is not the right question, in most areas they are complimentary to each other. E.g. MSX is a good SBC/carrier switch, and PortaOne provides real-time billing for it (PortaBilling for NexTone). On the VoIP side MSX is mainly class4 switch, while PortaSIP is class5 (i.e. you need PortaSIP to do fancy stuff with your IP phones such as follow-me, music on hold, etc.) – so you probably need them both if you want to run something like Vonage solution.


    PortaOne/PortaSIP has a very bad implementation of NAT traversal. Most of the time the NAT type at the user end is not identified properly and the rtp media streams are obligatorily routed through the SIP server. This causes a useless load of the SIP server and unnecessary delays in VOIP communication. Be careful: the after-sale service of Portaone is not the same as the before-sale publicity. Once we published a comparison of various sip/billing solutions. Portaone was one of the best in the list. According to the feedbacks we have from the current customers of Portaobe, the company currently have many problems catching up the technology and providing proper support of already sold systems.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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