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Feedback & Comment needed on VOIPSwitch

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    Hi, all

    Planning to start my first VOIP business. Was recommended by a friend on this VOIPSwitch softswitch, which look quite impressive on the demo, can do various type of Callback, PC2Phone and charging included also which save my time to look for another billing software.

    But th concern is we do not know how this piece of software will fucntion under high traffic, and teh most worry thing is billing discrepancy.

    Hope expert here which had any encounter on VOIPSwitch can enlighten me about how reliable this product is? The quote price is no very expensive, ard USD 5000, but will hope can spend the money wisely on some really workable system.

    Thanks a million.


    Please let me know about VoipSwitch if you get any comments, because i am also going to buy one for my business

    Thanks in Advance.


    Hi, our voipswitch system is running now, but not in high capacity. I can say that their Interface is quite User friendly and simple to use and their tech support is quite responsive, at least they repsonse to ur problem and try to fixed them up for u. So far we had try on tehir prepaid calling card, IVR/PIN and SMS callback..So far so good, but not yet tested under high traffic. There are little bug here and there , but will not affect much on normal operation.
    Their Interface is not as fancy and impressive liek sysmaster, and their documentation is poor..buthow ever, we still feel very comfortable with it.


    Hi all,
    I am looking for a total VoIP solution capable of doing wholesale traffic. i have seen a few demos from VoivMaster and VoipSwitch but i am quite confused to pick one to go for.
    Does anybody have an idea to help me choose one?

    I appreciate your you kind assistance.


    Yes guys i am also using VoipSwitch and its quite ok, and yes SAM i agree u


    Has anybody have an idea about the VoiceMaster’s performance?
    How do you compare it with Voipswitch?


    I had saw a demo on VM. The ineterface is very impressive and feature rich, far more better than VOIPSwitch from appearance and structure. But actual working ocndition i dun dare to comment here. Heard from my friedn taht SYSmaster actually outsource their site installation to third party, which turn up causing a lot of support issue out there.

    We are requesting for a evaluation on MVTS II, this is a product which so far i have not hear any negative feedback with. The bad thing on MVTS, it is a pure IP switching system for wholesale, no billing or other Fancy feature built in.
    Anyone into wholesale business can give a try on that.

    In my opinion, the more complicated a system is running, the more buggy it will be. Applied to all system.

    Anyone can give any feedback on VM, that will be pretty much apprecaited.

    Honza Vomacka

    Ask if the finally fixed the routing in VM. Sysmaster’s “fail-over” routing means (or at least used to mean) that a call from your customer must FAIL before they will switch the next call to other route… This makes it hardly usable for traffiс exchange as opposed to the comparing to the real fail-over routing (e.g. MVTS+PB)

    Townsend Assets Group


    If you are looking for a VoIP solution that can handle wholesale traffic I recommend the Cisco as5300 or as5400 models. They are easily sourced on the secondary market and are reliable and relatively easy to set-up.

    ~ Charles


    ask some people who used sysmaster. It is not the onstalltion but the support on an ongoing basis. Be sure to pay the extra $2500 for the imgonnascrewyou module.

    You are better off finding a hosted partner to do your billing,or try porta.


    u better make sure. channels voip channels, capacity, level 123????

    I won 4200 in 3 card monty in nyc on the street. Your odds are better there than with Sysmaster


    Hi Everyone, We are in the process to decide to purchase VOIPSWITCH from I would like to ask the actual users who are using it to give feedback on its stability, billing accuracy and ease of use. Appreciate all input from the actual users only. Regards


    Hi Sam,

    Can you please tell us how many calls (Max) you handled. As you said you have not tested on high traffic and what do you mean by billing discrepancy.

    Thanks a lot



    The VOIPSwitch platform is alright for us till now. We had used it to run wholesale traffic. The max traffic we had on this switch is ard 300 simulatneous call (without proxy media). The charging part seems quite accurate, so far we did nto encounter any billing discrepancy on our whoelsale business.

    One problem we facing is the media RTP switching problem when doing failover reroute on Quintum Gateway. The reroute calls seems to be silent. We suspect the RTP was not switch over properly. However we hope this had already been solve in latest 86x version.

    As for retail, we do not run much traffic. The max concurrent login from GK/Registrar client is ard 20 only. So far so good.

    We do not mix our wholesale and retail traffic in one switch.

    So far we are quite satisfied with the switch. And the product is keep on developing, and we shd see more useful feature soon.

    Wish list, Free minutes, and more feature on charging option.


    Oh, ya

    There is a problem on SIP registration on Dynamic IP address.

    When ISP change the IP very frequently, VOIPSwitch seems did not response to the re-registration of SIP client.

    But this problem had been solved in latest 86x version.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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