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which is the Best VoIP service provider?

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    hi everybody,

    i’m looking for a software to make calls over th internert for free because i want to call my family and friends which are in spain (i’m living in the UK). The things is that i’m not an expert on this subject so i would like you guys to give as much information as you can.

    i’ve done a research on the internet and i found a provider called barablu which offers free calls from mobile to mobile/pc/ip phone apart from the other features thet others provider do. has anyone heard about it?

    help me out to take a decision please?

    i’ll leave the barablu website if anyone wnts to have a look at it:

    Calling Spain

    well it’s only free calls to mobile if the mobile is wifi enabled and the called party is within range of a wifi base station!

    I suggest you checkout Free calls to landlines in Spain i.e true free PC to phone calls (just need to deposit 5 pounds credit first)


    Its cheap asses like you that make things igher for everyone. just pay for the service you cheapskate


    What a bizarre post. You need to cut down on the coffee pal. How does using a free PC to phone service from one provider make it more expensive for everyone else?

    We’re all ears…

    Joanne Lowe

    Im relatively new to Voip but I use, their calls to spain are fee plus they are doing 30 mins of free calls anywhere in the world every day!!
    If your still looking for a provider then have a look at

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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