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how can i connect Tenor, Router together

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    I have just one Static IP.
    I am using a router (ORIGO ) to connect Tenor/ Computer and Brodband internet together.
    But when i use ‘IPCONFIG’ command in command prompt it shows Dynamic IP. Actually I think, router itself using Static IP to connect ISP. And Router itself works as a Gateway and generating Dynamic IP for the computer and the Tenor. May be I need to configure my router, but I do not know how.
    I do not know how I can solve this problem.
    With out router how could I connect Tenor and Internet together? I think I have missed some thing….
    Please help to solve this.

    MikeM to Deen


    What is happening is that your router is connecting and using the public IP from your ISP. Then it is creating a private network behind it using private IP address and assigning them to your computer and Tenor with DHCP. You need to do a couple of things. First, you can set the Tenor to a static IP, but it will need to be a private one like what your router is sending. Then you need to configure your router so that the Tenor is in the DMZ. Finally you need to configure the public IP in the Tenor as the external IP address.

    You can find most of this information by going to Quintum’s web site, under support page, search for firewall and you will find a document that explains more of this.



    Thank you very much Mike, you are very kind.

    Let me explain what I already did.
    1. I fast install the ADSL router (ORIGO) software, then
    2. I have connected my ADSL router to the Broadband internet and to the computer.
    3. i did not configure TCP/IP in computer. So option ‘Optaining IP’ and Option ‘Optating DNS’ still remains Automatic.
    4. Now when I give the Command ‘IPconfig’ it shows
    Connection-specific DNS suffix:
    IP Address:
    Default Geteway:
    I know I need to configure the Router but I do not know how? To configure Origo router I had to log on its web based advance site. I saw lots of option there but I do not know what and how I configure.By the way I don’t know about DMZ. What it means and what its function. So, please tell me how I will do it. I have Quintum Tenor, Static IP, and Broadband line, Router now only need proper advice to set it up properly.

    MikeM to Deen


    Unfortunately I am not sure what ou are asking. If you are asking how you configure your router, you need to check with the router documentation. The DMZ is an area of the router where you can configure one IP address from the LAN side there and that IP will be exposed to the public network. For more information on this you should review the router documentation or search the web for these terms as they are standard for all routers.


    Thank you Mike for your advice. I have an ADSL and my ISP has given me a static IP. They have also provided me a modem with only USB connector (male) which works with my pc well. But my tenor has no USB port. Is there any ADSL modem with RJ45 connector that can be used for connecting my tenor to internet directly? If so, Will it be possible to access my tenor from different networks?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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