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Bandwidth managemen

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    Joe Steelman

    I am not a technical person, which is why I need some help, but please keep it simple. We have a broadband supply to a residential building with 200 rooms each with a 512 speed service on a 50:1 contended basis. We want to put voice over this network, but our supplier is telling me that he willn not ba able to guarentee network perforance as the vioce trafic will use too much. This calculation is assuming a phone conversation using around 68k each. Therefore 20 people on hte phone at the same time would hog all the bandwith for the building. I hope that all made sense! Any help would be apprecietated – even if it were to make sure I understand what is going on.

    MikeM to Joe


    The actual bandwidth required for VoIP depends on several factors. Most notably which compression algorithm you choose. G.729 uses about 19 to 20kb per call per direction (up and down). So that is about 40K per call. G.723 (6.3) uses between 13 and 15kb per call per direction, so about 30kb per call. This is based on 30% of silence.

    Some units, like Quintum, can save more bandwidth when there is a quintum at both ends. You can get a copy of their bandwidth calculator on their web site that may help in this. It can be found at

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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