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    I’m using QUINTUM Tenor DX series, current we been having one way audio to our far end, after going through the trace, the far found out that all the calls is connected with g729AnnexA that causing the issue ?

    could anybody explain how can we block or over come this issues.

    thank you every much.




    I believe either yourself or someone else from your organization posted a the exact same message under a different topic. I have already responded to this question in the first posting. Please check there.



    i need full step to configure voip
    gateway (quintum)

    MikeM to Firas

    If you would like someone to provide you a configuration, you can contact me at and I will be happy to work with you on this and discuss my fees with you.


    Maybe i can help too
    i have a quintum dx too
    Contact me at


    I doubt your one way audio is a codec issue. More likely networking problems.


    I’m in this hard situation.
    I have a quintum tenor ax2400 gateway. Sometime few channel of gateway are hangon. But, by telneting i see call is running on those channel. I can’t reset the gateway at that time bcoz many calls are passing that time. If i reset it all calls are fall down.
    please help me about it.

    MikeM to Dew


    This is probably due to incorrect disconnect supervision config on your unit. You should review Quintum’s document on disconnect supervision (available on their web site under the support section) as this should provide you all the necessary information to make sure that you have it configured correctly.

    Try that first.



    Im new in quintum config.. Please help…
    Quintum# ev l3
    Quintum# ev c
    Quintum# ev qu
    ——–below is the resut——-

    ch |01/01| 2006/02/04|02:56:13:775 |ocall[520729/985465]:RcvRelComp, Call Id=16 RMT Call Id=0 cause=-1786536392.
    CallInfo[520729]: disconnected event. cause=16 legno=0 leg=1.

    CallInfo[520729]: send eventDisconnected 101.
    tsi disconnect: 1025 004 11
    TBCSM[520729]: Release from peer=0x95f7fcd4 cause=0x10.
    CallInfo[520729]: disconnected event. cause=16 legno=1 leg=1.

    OBCSM[520729]: Release complete from peer=0x962cb4ec.
    PRI(2,0,1,0xd28d): sending DISC_REQ to L3.
    ch |01/01| 2006/02/04|02:56:13:940 |PRI(2,0,1,0xd28d): received CLEAR_CONF from L3.
    ch |01/01| 2006/02/04|02:56:21:075 |CdrClient 1: Restarting.
    CDR 1: Connecting to
    ch |01/01| 2006/02/04|02:56:21:090 |CDR 1: Connect failed. errno=0x3d.
    ch |01/01| 2006/02/04|02:56:36:090 |CdrClient 1: Restarting.
    CDR 1: Connecting to
    ch |01/01| 2006/02/04|02:56:36:105 |CDR 1: Connect failed. errno=0x3d.

    — how to decode these?? —–
    – 0x95f7fcd4 ???
    – 0x10 ???
    TBCSM[520729]: Release from peer=0x95f7fcd4 cause=0x10.
    – 0x3d ???
    CDR 1: Connecting to
    ch |01/01| 2006/02/04|02:56:21:090 |CDR 1: Connect failed. errno=0x3d.

    MikeM to Ch


    Unfortunately this log does not show much. It only tells me that the call was disconnected. But without the entire log, there is no way to tell what is really happening. Now, Don’t send the log here. If you would like assistance in troubleshooting any Quintum issues, you may contact me at and I can discuss this with you.



    How can I use Static IP for my Tenor (Quintum AX) when it is connected throw the Router? If I need to configure Router how I could do it. I Router is ORIGO. Instate of Router how I can connect my Tenor to the Broadband internet line.
    Please reply me. I really appreciate your help

    MikeM to Deen


    I am guessing that you mean you have a static public IP, but the tenor has a private IP behind your router. If this is so, you need to put the tenor in your router’s DMZ and set the external IP address of the Tenor to the public IP. You can find more information on this by going to Quintum’s web site, under the support page and search for firewall. This should give you some good information.



    I have A400 Tenor and its Details are below


    Quintum:unit> display v
    Product Name: Tenor Analog A400 Multipath Switch – 4 ports (Rev. B)
    Gatekeeper Status: Mini
    GK Calls Allowed: 4
    Feature Bit Status: -PS/+RB/-ER
    Languages allowed: 1
    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Gateway:
    System Software Version: P4-2-15(LEC) (1798375/0x703C)
    Boot Software Version: P4-1-3 (180592/0xE814)
    Database Version: 2.08 09-13-2000 (275216)

    – Can I have SIP and H.323 both installed in A400 at same time? Or only one Protocol can be installed in A400?
    – How to upgrade my Tenor A400 with latest Software versions
    – If during Upgrade somehow I lost connection with tenor, then tenor will be corrupted? If its corrupted then how I can repair it?
    – What is difference between System Software, boot software, Database software’s? When we upgrade then do we have to upgrade all three software’s (Boot, System, Database)?
    – Is there any difference between (Boot, System, Database) software’s for SIP and H.323?
    – What is better to use SIP or H323 in A400? As I heard that there still some bugs if we use SIP in Tenors, is It correct?

    Thanks in Advance,
    Kind Regards

    MikeM to Zubi


    You have many questions on A400 and SIP. Here are the answers;

    1. No, you cannot have both H323 and SIP working at the same time in the A400. There is not enough memory in the older, like A400, units to support both. In the Generation 2 units, you can have both working at the same time, but only for recieving calls from IP. You would need to pick 1 for sending calls to IP.

    2. As always, you should go to Quintum’s web site under the support pages and you will find all the information you need to know how to upgrade your unit.

    3. As long as the unit is not reset after the connection is lost, then it should be ok and you can resume your upgrade. If the unit resets after the lost connection, but before you finish the upgrade, the system will be locked up and you will need to perform a system recovery.

    4. They are different parts of the software that the tenor uses to run. If you read the release notes for each version, it will tell you which software needs to be upgraded. Also, in the directions for upgrading your unit, it should describe the files somewhat.

    5. There is a different system software. Again, review the release notes on Quintum’s web site.

    6. For the older units, like A400, the SIP software is only beta version. Not full version and I hear that there are problems. Even on the newer units, generation 2 units, SIP is not 100%. Personally, I believe that H323 is much more stable.

    Tareq Mahmud


    I have lost my GW password
    My GW is AXT800
    Do you know this solve
    plz help me
    Tareq mahmuh

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 34 total)
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