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VOIP Lan outbount to PSTN

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    Here’s the setup.

    My boss has asked me to set up a quintum ASM400 so that we can call remote offices using our existing network. He wants to use netmeeting (or similar) to use the quintum as a gateway that interfaces with the POTS in another town.

    The Quintum will be in another state. We have good connectivity between our site and the remote.

    Did I mention I’m ignorant where telephony is concerned?

    I have the quintum up and an IP is assigned ( for the purpose of this thread). I set up net meeting to use as a VOIP gateway.

    I know I need to set up some kind of routing, but the documentation stinks.

    I need help in configuring this unit. I’m willing to expend all of my points on this. please help. I’m under some pressure.

    The cal will be initiates with netmeeting set up with the gateway. the gateway should dial out on the analog side and connect the call.

    I’m lost. Any help would be much appreciated.


    1.Seems is an internal you either need a external IP for the gateway,or use an H.323 NAT router.(expensive and hard to configure)

    2.Are you sure the gateway being set to H.323 G.723.1 mode which fit NetMetting.

    3.Make sure gateway’s FAST CONNECT function works with NetMeeting

    4.Will you use any gatekeeper?

    Wilson Boyrie

    First, before you even try to call trought the gateway using netmeeting, you will need to do a basic setup to make the Quintum gateway work.
    Until you could make call using a normal H323 device, like another Quintum or a Cisco ATA device,it wil a complete waste of your time try netmeeting.

    I could give you a hand puting a basic setup on the gateway to allow calls from the Net to the PST side of the gateway.
    The gateway will need to be on a public I.P. address where I could access it from the outside.

    It takes about 30 minutes to get it going.
    Are you sure that the Quintum is the kind that have the FXO type of interface????
    Those FXO ports need to be conected to the dial tones provided by the phone company or the internal PBX equipment.

    Post your contact information if need help.

    Wilson Boyrie.
    Houston, USA.


    OK, I have both my tenor and client on public IP addresses. Hopefully I can keep these IPs for a few days.

    I don’t have any other VOIP equipment on hand. I wish I did.

    The codecs are set to match each other per the instructions from Quintum (G.723.1…)

    Mr. Boyrie,

    No disrespect intended, but I’d be hosed down if I made the equipment openly available. Company policy and all that.

    Is this something you could walk me through with instructions? I know it’s a hassle, but I hope you understand.

    The quintum need not answer inbound calls, I just need to route outbound IP sessions to analog phones. I’m not sure if that cuts out any time you would have to spend explaining, but I thought I’d mention it.


    To Tim from Wilson Boyrie

    Hello Tim.

    I never expected you to publish the I.P.’s of the gateways.
    I asked for yu to post your e-mail, that way I could contact you offline.

    The request for a public I.P. is for two reasons: One to cut down on the configuration time.It takes me 5 minutes to do it and half an hour to try to explain it.

    The second reason is that is a lot easier to test that way.
    I could generate a call with a test Quintum or a ATA and see the progress/troubles on the gateway.

    Get is touch via e-mail with me and we could work out the details.

    Be sure and put “quintum” on the subject line.

    Best regards.

    Wilson Boyrie.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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