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Can Anyone Tell me About this

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    Daniel Demoir

    Anybody please… help!

    I have a call realy and call routing device, it was collocated in a telco company for a purpose of good internet capacity, the thing happen is that.. i tried to communicate my call relay in the office and a call relay collocated. but the error goes this, and i cant hardly know how to fix it.. it takes a 5 days with no improvement.. any help will apreciated.. and thanks for advance..

    ch |01/01| 2005/10/20|23:16:55:470 |h323[592323180] [0]: tcall:RcvUserInpu
    OBCSM[592323180]: User input from peer
    h323[592323180] [0]: ocall:stackSendus
    be |01/01| 2005/10/20|23:18:53:185 |Zone( Keep Alive
    ch |01/01| 2005/10/20|23:19:25:905 |h323[209624616] [0]: h323mgr:RcvIncomi
    [ch] Call Source

    ch |01/01| 2005/10/20|23:19:25:920 |[0/4215]: ARJ Received Reason=9.
    ocall[0/0]:RcvRelComp, Call Id=31 RMT
    Call Id=0 cause=0.
    excp |01/01| 2005/10/20|23:19:25:920 |h323cal_GK.cpp : IC IP calls ARJ faile




    The problem seems to be in the security (allow/block) area of your configuration where you allow or block IP addresses or networks. If it is a Call Relay SP, then this is in the epad area. If it is a small call relay it is located in the config gk area.

    The tip on this is the following message;
    ARJ Received Reason=9.

    Reason code 9 means security denial.

    Check to make sure that you have all the necessary Ip addresses configured in your allow area.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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