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SIP on cisco5300

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    Does Cisco5300 support SIP?
    If does, how to config the 5300?
    As someone told me, there must be a SIP Server, How to get a SIP server ?

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    Honza Vomacka

    Check the PortaSIP User Guide (, it has examples of the Cisco configuration for incoming/outgoing SIP calls.
    Yes, there should be a SIP server – there are some commercial solutions available, as well as free ones.

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    Teodor Georgiev

    Besided PortaSIP (a very expensive SIP server) there are a plenty of free ones:

    1. SER (SIP Express Router)
    2. Asterisk
    3. Brekeke (not really free, I think the free license is up to 100 units).

    Yes, Cisco 5300 does support SIP (as a sip UA – user agent) and you need a SIP proxy server in order to do the call routing.

    As to your question – how to config the 5300, I will answer you if you answer me the question – how to build a house?

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    Why not get PortaSIP for free?

    All of it’s components are open source anyway, and you can just request all Portaone modifications to it and they must share it with you. Just email Portaone and ask for the source codes of their open source components. If they intend to comply with GNU license agreement they must send it to you. If not, they are pirating GNU which not a good thing these days.

    Basically GNU license says that any derived open source product is also open source.
    It’s funny no PortaSip customer of Portaone has realised yet that it’s probably perfectly legal to take PortaSip components write the documentation on their own and start selling for half the price portaone sell it.

    You can also do the same with sysmaster with their modified GnuGK, but not with their modified asterisk which they license from digium under commercial license.

    Between portaone and sysmaster I prefer portaone. Both take open source products and sell it for a hefty price making huge money on other people work. But at least portaone has the decency to contribute some code back to the community (like rtpproxy for SER).

    #30169 Reply
    Teodor Georgiev

    Great words, Jason!
    All the companies, who sell open-source-modified products must face the truth, that the some of the people aren’t that stupid.

    Specially companies like Sysmaster (I would call them a “company” in a very careful manner), PortaOne (charging an arm and leg for a modification of the GPLed Vocal software packet), Arcavox and others…

    #30170 Reply

    I have a question for jason.
    Are you sure that is the way the license works? If you upgrade the code itself, u make it available. If you write something which works on top of it, you don’t have to share it.

    I know this is a fine line, but I believe it is true.

    For example, you write an application to run on it, it is yours to sell, but you dont have to send it to asterisk community. Can you verify.

    BTW, I am NOT a developer, just trying to understand the open source license.

    #30171 Reply

    To openmen:

    With LGPL you only need share what you modify, with GPL you need share all ‘derivative work’. The test is fairly simple, if your application can compile only in the presence of opensource binaries or source files, it must be shared.

    You do not have to send the changes to the community. But if you don’t, when someone request you must give the source code to that person. If will not do so then you loose the right to use and distribute the GPL code.

    To Teodor Georgiev:
    Vocal is not GPLed.
    However PortaOne uses a modified SER as the heart of PortaSIP. SER is GPLed and so is Asterisk and GnuGK.

    #30172 Reply
    Artem Naluzhny

    Have you tried to sell PortaSIP to smb?

    Do you know that PortaSIP is not a patched ser only?

    Have you asked Porta for sources of PortaSIP?

    Have you read PortaOne license?

    Just do it 😉

    #30173 Reply

    I never used porta, but if it’s true that this company uses GPL software, any license agreement it creates that restrict GPL is invalid.

    #30174 Reply
    To Artem Naluzhny

    I’m curious, what is in PortaSip that is not opensource?

    #30175 Reply
    Artem Naluzhny

    Why not ask their staff directly?

    #30176 Reply
    To Artem Naluzhny

    Smart ass – google your name, you are “their staff”.

    #30177 Reply
    Honza Vomacka to the rude guy

    This is exactly what he is saying: if you need to get more details about PortaOne product, contact PortaOne directly.

    #30178 Reply
    SIP Server

    SIP Server is not must. You only need if you need to route calls to SIP end points with dynamic IPs.

    For SIP server SER will work well.
    There is nothing in PortaSIP that Cisco does not have already.

    Actually Porta-SIP cripples Cisco, since it replaces Cisco b2bua role. With Porta SIP you will loose many features in Cisco like:
    – SIP-H323 protocol conversion
    – Codecs transcoding,
    – Calling card IVR,
    – CDRs with all Cisco’s VSAs(like voice quality,PDD, etc…).

    #30179 Reply
    Honza Vomacka

    > SIP Server is not must.
    What a bunch of nonsense… VoIP is “not must” either – you can use tam-tam drums or signaling smokes to communicate 🙂

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