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Reversing polarity

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    Rômulo Bittencourt Pereira

    My name is Rômulo and I work on Brasil. Our company is using Grandstream/Cisco devices already and we are looking for a grandstream equipment that is able to work converting the polarity with a billing software on cyber cafe. I need this answer ‘till next week because my clients are looking for another solution with the competition, the all question is: when the guy does the phone call, the billing software can not start to run. The billing software needs to understand that the running start only with the callee answer the phone.

    P.S: We are using the devices ATA 486/488


    Rômulo Bittencourt Pereira

    Tel: 1-310-802-3950 (US)
    tel2: 55-21-2537-2820 (BR)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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