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call with 2 quintum without pbx or pstn

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    please i need help

    I want to make call with 2 quintum (ASM 400 adns ASG 400)

    I want to connect this two quintum on one switch
    Then I connect two fone on the 2 quintum and call fone 1 on fone 2

    how to configure those 2 quintum
    thank’s for your help

    Wilson Boyrie

    The easiest way to make that configuration work will be if both Quintums are on static I.P. addreeses.
    If only one of them is on static I.P., the other should be on PUBLIC,dinamic I.P. address.
    Or for a very complicated setup,one Quintum on static public I.P. and the other behind a NAT router.

    The rest is easy.Setup a phone number on each Quintum.
    Asociate the phone number to the actual FXS/FXO ports.

    The create a static route pointing gateway “a” to the phone number on gateway “b” and viceversa.

    Best luck.

    Wilson Boyrie


    All two Quintum use private and static address
    I wille try to use router but later
    Now i want just to use switch and connect the 2 quintum
    I use only the FXS port (It is possible to use FXO port without PBX or PSTN ? )
    i will try to respect 3 etape what you give to me
    1-Setup a phone number on each quintum
    2-Associate the phone number to each FXS ports
    3-The create a static route pointing gateway “a” to the phone number on gateway “b” and viceversa

    Actualy i dont no do it but i will surch how to do it and try

    this is my yahoo mail address you can add me for more help online
    Thank’s for your help


    Need help on quintum, i have a traditional PBX (ISDN 30) in my office and i wish to deploy quintum to enable VOIP. Should i consider ASM 400 (with FXO port) or ASG 400? Whats the difference between the 2 box?

    Will be great if anyone can drop me an email on the above to help me understand better:


    DUAL Talk


    If you have an ISDN30 with all channels active, then you should be looking at the Quintum DX2030 MultiPath Switch to go between the ISDN30 and your PBX.

    Tom Howard,
    DUAL Talk,
    Internet Telephony Service Provider.


    Hi ,
    Quintum experts please help me!
    I have configured ASM 400 for calling card setup, destination party getting alert but after picksup no media.
    DTMF signals are passing without any issue.
    Our Quintum is running with PPPoE connection (DSL).
    Do you think this issue arise bcos of NAT?
    Please help me to overcome this secnario ASAP.




    Is sounds like it could be an issue with either H323 port blocked by ISP or if you are going through a NAT, then it may not be handling the translation correctly or you do not have the tenor configured for NAT correctly. Did you remember to set the external IP setting of the Tenor to the public IP of your DSL?


    About configuring Quintam voice switches 24 port with rj45 and com port



    I need help with configuring a Quintum ASM200.

    After a lot of reading from various articles on the website including Quintum’s, I have been able to do the bare minimum configs using configuration wizard.
    Currently, the Quintum is setup behind a firewall/NAT and I am using one of the fxo and one fxs for the purpose of testing.
    When I pickup the handset, I do get a dial tone.

    What I need help is the following:
    Setup the Quintum to
    1) Allow only IP Incoming calls from outside for all calls with country code 61
    2) Disallow all outgoing calls via the IP link
    3) select the non-busy FXO to terminate IP incoming calls
    4) allow incoming pstn calls
    5) direct incoming calls from PSTN to the designated phone connected e.g. if someone calls from pstn to 81847821 then phone connected to port 1 will ring and similarly for 81847822 port2
    5) allow phones to autoselect free FXO port for the purpose of making calls via pstn

    I would like to set it up like a termination partner and would appreciate any advice or guidance.

    Best Regard


    Md. Monir Hossain

    i want to connect two office(Head office, Branch office) with quintum asm 400. at head office FXS port connect with PBX and FXO port Connect with PSTN connection.

    another end (Branch office), 4 FXS port connect with 4 reciver and LAN port connect with HEAD office Quintum Lan Port through VPN connection. in that case how can i configure the two device. please advise me.

    Mike M to Md. Monir Hossain


    There are several options and ways to config the units in your setup depending on what you want to accomplish.

    Please contact me at to discuss further.


    Md. Monir Hossain

    Dear all,

    Please help me. i asking to solve my problem. i have to quintum asm 400 gateway. i want voice solution with this devices with VPN connection. at head office, we have pbx connection with pstn. they are doing voice call with these PBX system. by pressing 9 we can call pstn. with these existing system, i want to implement quintum asm 400 gateway. i connect 4 extension in fxo port at head office and 4 receiver connect with FXS port at remote office.i have already configured with same ip network and tested locally. its working fine.but whenever i connect with vpn link with different ip network facing problem. may be configuration can u send me any configuration file that will help me to out this type of problem.its ………………………


    ATI – JS

    Md. Monir Hossain

    regarding the VPN issues.

    you need to know which ports are block by the firewall.

    are you using VPN Gateway, if so there is every minimal interconnection problem. if you can ping each others IP(main office and branch office) with very low latency.
    but if your using VPN client base, well its a big problem because VPN client only permits the computer who dial the VPN connection.


    I have 3 Quintum tenor AF with 4 FXS ports configured with public IPs at 3 diffrenet sites.

    Quintum 1 is at the HQ to be connected to a PABX so that all HQ staff can reach the remote sites

    Quintum 2 is at remote site connected to 4 telephones

    Quintum 3 is at remote site connected to 4 telephones

    I need configuration help to achieve the following:

    1. Site to Site Dialing: so that users at any of the 3 sites can call one another.

    2. Phone to phone (Extension) dialing within same location: so that user from one extension can reach other users on other extensions.

    MikeM to bobodey


    As I replied to your email, this is a somewhat complicated config. If you would like assistance, please reply to my original email.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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