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port blocking

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    If provider blocks port 1720 is there any way around this problem if I use tenor a400

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    Unfortunately there is no way to use a different port on the A400.

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    Teodor Georgiev


    if you want to make outgoing calls with Quintum (1st/2nd generation), you can change the outgoing call signalling port (if using a static route).

    However if you want to send calls to Quintum, then you can not change the port on which Quintum listens.

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    How do you do that Teodor? The only way I have worked it out on a static route is to change it from gateway to gatekeeper (LRQ) and organise for the gatekeeper to send LCFs that point to a port other than 1720 that it is listening on.

    Can you change the port it connect to a gateway on?

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    Teodor Georgiev

    Static Route #1
    RouteName = cms
    Gkmode = Destination is a Gateway (0)
    CallSignalAddress = x.x.x.3:1720
    1:* Public LAM priority(1)
    2:* Private LAM priority(1)

    Commands available in Static Route 1:
    callsig ip:port
    gkmode: Gatekeeper Mode={0-Destination is gateway, 1-Destination is Gatekeeper}

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    Wilson Boyrie

    Form one Russian to another (O.K., it is a joke).
    “However if you want to send calls to Quintum, then you can not change the port on which Quintum listens.”

    What about putting a small Linksys betwen the Quintum and the internet, and on the port forwarding tables,pick the “undercover” port on the internet side, and forward to the port 1720 on the Quintum???????

    That should acomplish the changing of the port on the Quintum with minimal investment, only around $50 dollars.

    Matter of fact, I will have some free time in a couple of weeks, and I will make a test on the lab, just because I want to be sure.

    Any opinion?????

    Wilson Boyrie.

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    Teodor Georgiev

    No need to test. It will work.
    If you have any router in front that can do port rewriting/forwarding, you are lucky.
    A small Linux/FreeBSD distro will do the job as well.

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    Hi Teodor,

    On my static route, I do not have a CallSignalAddress parameter. I have CallSignalIP, and it does not allow me to append a colon and port number.

    I am testing with an ASM400 on P102-11-00.

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    Teodor Georgiev

    Didn’t you note by any chance that so far we are talking about A400 (first generation) ?

    On the second generation Quintums, there is another trick.

    In the special var_config.txt file yo u can specify the call signal port for H323:

    H323Q931PortFlag 1
    H323Q931PortNum 1900

    This option will change the H225 call signalling port from 1720 to 1900.

    Thus you can send calls to a Tenor where the 1720 port is blocked.

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    I had not noticed. Thanks for the information. I will try it.

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    if the provider blockrs 1720 port is there a way around i use teles igate

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    It has taken me a long time to get round to trying your tip, but I’m afraid it does not work. The H323Q931PortFlag parameter changes the port that the Tenor listens on; not the destination port that it connects to.

    The release notes at confirm this:

    “In the var_config.cfg file, you can now turn on a feature to block incoming
    H323 calls. Set the following two lines:

    H323Q931PortFlag 1
    H323Q931PortNum 1788 or some other number for listening port (other than 0)”

    If I find another solution, I’ll post it here.

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