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SIP on A800

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    i configured Quintum A800 for FWD account after upgrading to SIP beta software, but when call reaches towards it often it gets restart.
    Does any one have idea about it, wat to do. i configured these parameters only for it, SIP Proxy, PPUser,PPpassword,assigned ppuser to hunpubldn, voice codecs to a-law.
    is there anymore confiuration needed for SIP or better tutorial is available for a800 SIP, let me know plz. Thnx

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    Teodor Georgiev

    Hi Jeff, it looks like an interopability problem.

    1. What is your A800 firmware? 5-2-1 ?

    2. What brand of equipment is on the other side ?

    3. Run a debug against the SIP stack and see the messages.

    I am running several Quintum boxes on SIP (most of them – second generation, though) but have not met the problem described by you.

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    Yes firmware is 5-2-1, i have done something, i configured sipphone( account on it, when i dial from it, it works well, but it doesnt receive calls.
    when i call from other sip softphone it says user is offline.

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    Teodor, my a800 works but it gets Unregistered after 2 to 3 minutes as i see by “sip stat” command, however i can dial from it.
    I tell u more clear, when i made changes in SIP prompt and SUBmit it, A800 works fine and gets registered but after some time it shows NOT REGISTERED and doesn’t receive calls. Please reply to this msg.

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    Teodor Georgiev

    Check your “timetolive” value in the SIP config and tell me. Try to increase it to 10 minutes and see if the problem persist.

    The SIP version of the first generation Quintums is not so reliable.

    You should debug the SIP messages and see if Quintum tries to re-register to the PROXY after the timetolive expires.

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    Yes, it gives me more time to keep registered when i increased time to live upto 10 minutes but again it gets unregistered after it.
    But really i dont know how to see SIP debug messages in Quintum.

    #29635 Reply

    Should I debug like this
    ev +ch
    ev +sip
    Is it right??

    #29636 Reply
    Teodor Georgiev

    Yes, give it a try.
    It will show where the problem is. Maybe Quintum does not try to reregister after the time-to-live expiry…
    I will inform the QTAC and maybe they will open a new release.
    Be warned that Radius AAA for SIP at the first generation Quintum series.

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    After 10 minutes i get these debug messages :

    SIPSTK : 209819:[sess]:bbba04 FailureResponse-end Transaction in RegisterSessi

    SIPSTK : 209819:[ua]:UA: Registration failed – no action taken now..

    SIPSTK : 209831:[ua]:Received Sip Iuca Message: 0x3b

    SIPSTK : 209831:[ua]:Session identifier (call-00B5F489-96E1-D911-0006-1)
    SIPSTK : 209832:[ua]:Received Sip Iuca Message: 0x3b

    SIPSTK : 209833:[sess]:bbb404 FailureResponse-end Transaction in RegisterSessi

    SIPSTK : 209833:[ua]:UA: Registration failed – no action taken now..

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    Teodor, Now it works when i set Time to Live upto 86400 secs :), It has been an hour since i m registered. So please tell me if there is any issue as i configure it like this.
    & Thanks for helping me.

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    Hi there, I have a Tenor A400 runing SIP ,I have configured the SIP part with the required parametres (user/login/ip) But When I try to make a cal with a phone attached to the First PBX port I only have a fast busy tone , Anyone can help me please

    #29640 Reply
    MikeM to Farex


    Did you check with your SIP registrar and proxy to make sure the Tenor is registered to it correctly?

    Additionally, the SIP software for the Gen 1 Tenors like the A400 and A800, is only Beta. It is not a full tested release from Quintum. What that means is that it should work, but there may be some bugs that they did not see. Also, since Quintum has announced end of life on the gen 1 products, it is doubtful that they will make any further software for them.

    #29641 Reply

    any body have problems like configuring on a400-800 sip password and a400-800 remembers it only in lowregister and can not log on because the given password is in mixedregister I tryed to connect to some sip provider for tests but was not able to register to their sip server but they was not willing to give me lowregister password and I stopped my tests

    #29642 Reply

    I’m running now my own sip server,my Quintum registre but when trying to make a call I saw in the sip console that he only send the 2 first digit (00) while my Cisco ATA 186 work perffectly .
    @jeff or anyone else plz how can i assigne the ppuser(sip account) to huntpubldn,I think that my problem comme from this point. Thanks in advance .

    #29643 Reply
    Bobby Joe


    Im new in Quintum A800 and i dont have an idea how to configure it to register in SIP server. Anybody can send me a step-by-step procedure? I read also the manual but I didnt see how to do it.

    Any help would be appriciated.


    Bobby Joe

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