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UK Voip to use in Germany

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    Hi there,

    As I will be moving to Germany,
    I am trying to gather as much information as possible on using VOIP for receiving and making phone calls in Germany.

    I will still need to have a ‘virtual’ UK phonenumber, that UK residents can call to reach me in Germany.

    Even though I feel I will manage to receive UK phone calls via a UK phone number (will get one from, however I don’t seem to be able to find a possible option to call (from Germany) any UK number for free/or at a cheaper rate than via a normal phone line.

    I will have to make daily calls to the UK (landlines and mobiles) from Germany, and naturally I am trying to locate the best possible option.

    I was told that would offer a could option for this, but I found out that they don’t run their VOIP service outside of the UK.

    1) What could anyone suggest?

    Also after having searched on the internet it looks that as the German DSL provider, GMX seems to be the best option, as well as
    using a Fritz!box from the AVM site. The latter to use a normal phone and not a computer microphone for calls, and being able to call even with the computer being switched off.

    2)Anyone else knowing of a better option?

    3)For using a WLAN box – does anyone have any experience on using this wireless option, as I read that it’s very much open an ‘highway for hackers’ ..??

    4) Is using VOIP generally a safe option, or is there almost always only a 50:50 chance of whether it will work or not, as I read of people experiencing lots of problems and time-outs with it?

    Many thanks for your comments/help.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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