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we can help any kinds of quintum config

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    Hi there,

    I am new to configuring quintums. Please help

    1. Firstly I am not getting caller ID on my phones. We have asked for caller id service from our service provider yet I do not see the ID. If I do event log I see the originating caller id but it does not pass it to the PBX. PLease let me know if I have to do any configuration on the quintum

    2. If I put the # sign after dialing any local or long distance call it works. But if I put # sign after dialing the digits to international calls it does not work. Does anyone know why coz it is killing me

    Any help is appreciated

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    It is always helpful to provide the model type of Quintum that you have as there are differences between the A400/A800 and the 2nd generation AS/AX.

    1. There is a setting in the trunk groups for caller id. You have to make sure this is enabled to pass the id through.

    2. What do you mean it does not work? Does the call not go through?


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    Hi Mike

    Thank you for your reply.

    1. It is an 1G D2400 quintum
    2. All incoming calls are working but they come in as “Trunk 775”
    3. In the quintum I have did this on the pstn trunk group
    ame = pstnpassthrough1
    Pass Through = yes(1)
    PT Trunk ID = 0
    Provide Call Progress Tone = yes(1)
    Busyout = no(0)
    Hunt Algorithm = ascending-round-robin(2)
    Overlap Dial = no(0)
    Modem Calls = No(0)
    Direction = both(2)
    DN Used = public
    End Of Dial = yes(1)
    End Of Dial Digit = #
    Add End of Dial Digit = yes(1)
    Ivr Type = None
    CID = Trunk ID(1)
    External Routing Request = no(0)
    Auto Switch Enable = no(0)
    Forced IP Routing # = none
    Trunk ID(Account Code) = none
    Trunk ID Delivery = as origination number
    2 Stage Dial = No
    Translate Inbound Caller ID = no(0)
    Relay Caller ID = yes(1)
    IP Extension = no(0)
    Maximum LAM Calls Allowed = 24

    Let me know if its wrong..or if there is any other place to enable caller-ID

    Thank you for your help

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    ngozi braide

    how do i make a call using FXO PORT?

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    That is a very demanding message.

    If you would like a step-by-step configuration, I will be happy to provide this to you for a fee. If you would like to know more information on my fees and services please email me at and put Quintum in the subject line so that I am notified of the new mail.


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    mayeen uddin

    Please somebody help me ” Password breaking of quintum axt2400 gateway”?

    #28840 Reply

    Call quintum, tell them you need them to reset your password

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    How to set IP for Tenor Asg400?
    PB: typing only working on Login field but not working in Password field.
    I tried with Hyper Terminal and some other Emulation Softs all giving same pb?

    #28842 Reply

    would like to seek advice on the configuration on Tenor DX2030, 2nd generation. The setup is as below

    Analog ext pabx Tenor VOIP system destination number

    would like to seek guidance on how to configure the Tenor to route “callerid and callee id” to the VOIP system and back, knowing that Alcatel pabx is connected to the quintum through a E1 Pri Card.

    That is to ensure destination will know who is calling and ensuring too the destination will know how to call back to the calling party.

    p/s i’ll be using a tenor configuration manager tooo

    thank you


    #28843 Reply

    I have forget my quintum DX2030 password . please tell me how to break password or reset all the gateway

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    Hi, I need help configuring a Quintum DX4096. It is connected to a T1 (CAS) which is coming form a PBX. We want to route the calls to a SIP User Agent but I do not know how to configure the extensions (2301) to the channels on the gateway and then have a channel forwarded to the proper SIP User Agent. This is my first Quintum Configuration, please help.



    #28845 Reply

    we have tenor ax. when some customer connct to tenor within pstn network they hear “please enter pin code” again and again and ther is no progress. but most of user can call throgth this tenor
    anybody to help?

    #28846 Reply
    Mikem to Mory


    If all the other users are coming to the tenor from PSTN, then it sounds like you may be using authentication using caller id and maybe this one user is not sending caller id.

    Check this. If it is not this, then you can contact me at to discuss the problem further.

    #28847 Reply

    ihave atenor ASM200 and ineed admin guide to show me how to to configure it
    thanks alot.

    #28848 Reply

    I have configure TENOR ax. and it works fine.
    Can anyone help me to configure the same toner for calling outside ?
    Using the destination toner, is it possible to connect other lines.

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