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Quitum A800

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    Coorey to Mike

    Thnxs for the info. appreciate it


    hi guys pls. let me have few contacts of some carieers who are willing to route traffic on prepayment terms.


    It may be against the rules, but since I am not selling anything….
    Look for the ads on the forums about Charles Chang, with , in Miami.
    Not the cheapest carrier, but incredible stable and you could open an account with only $500, and go from there.
    Weekely CDR, never had a trouble with them, even with extrange destinations.
    Again, not a agent of this company, only a satisfied customer.


    Also, never had a trouble with DUAL Talk, that was my first carrier. Could make payments via credit card on the middle of the night, online.
    Once you are setup you could watch your calls online, make payments and change the I.P. addreses of the gateways allowed to send calls in your account.
    You could even sell service to people that have a gateway ,but no account. You open or close the access whenever you like it.

    Both companies are very responsive to e-mails, troubles, etc.



    i have a problems with short calls on A800….pls. let me know what parameters i should fine tune…or anyother thing to check…appreciate your response.

    Also let me know if on the lam settings whether i could add general codes instead of having to add all the area codes as it’s quite impossible as there’s a limit on the lamsettings..

    eg:- can i add 123xxx2

    xxx = all the area codes applicable for that particular telco…


    Noname to Coorey

    You could be as broad or narrow on the lam as you want.

    * Everything
    1* All usa
    1713* USA, area 713
    17139* USA ,area code 713 ,only numbers that start with “9”

    1713207* USA, area code 713, only numbers that start with 207.

    I never tried with the wildcard and then numbers again, it could be a good thing to try,but never have seen it before.

    Good luck!!

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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