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A800 please help someone

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    Hi , i have a Quintum A800 which is termi to an IP carrier. I have 5 phones connected to the A800. Is there any way to include the 00 prefix in all outgoing calls? At the moment when someone dials 00190755555 , quintum sends out 190755555 to the ip carrier. They need to have the leading zeros in front of them.

    I have set ccode as 357, intlprefix as 00 ad ldprefix as 0.

    Please help if you can .

    Thanks in advance


    You could make your Quintum send anything in front of the digits.

    The only limitation is that the prefix that you setup will be sent on every call that comes out of the gateway, always.

    IP Trunk Group
    Incoming IP call delete digits = 0
    Incoming IP call prefix =
    Outgoing IP call delete digits = 0
    Outgoing IP call prefix = 00
    Prefix Trunk ID = no(0)
    Default Trunk = No
    External Routing Request = no(0)
    Display Information ID = Tenor-Gateway

    Inset the “00” on the filed called outgoing I.P. call prefix.

    When someone ‘s dial 00 plus a call, the quintum will delete the leading 00, process the call to the destination, and insert a couple of ceros on front of the call.

    001 713 207 5000 call to USA
    1 713 207 5000 leading 00 deleted
    call get routed
    001 713 207 5000 is sent to the remote terminal.

    Best luck!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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