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2 Quintums – Behind – 1 Global IP

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    Hi VoIP wizards,

    I have one quintum A800 assigned by a Global Static IP Address. Working fine, getting the calls…but now I want to increase the ports so I need to put one more A800 quintum in it. How can I put Two quintums behind a single global IP Address?

    Please dont suggest me to buy a quintum of 16/24 ports. I already have Two Quintums A800 and want to use them.




    Unfortunately, with only the 2 Quintums you have, you cannot share the IP address between them. Each Quintum must have its own Public, IP address. The only way around this is if you were to setup a NAT with private IPs to the Quintums, but you would need to purchase a Quintum Call Relay to translate the one public IP to each of the 2 private IPs of the Tenors.




    thnx for your reply.
    I read about Quintum Call Relay, Its really a good equipment and fulfills my requirements but

    1- Can we use Quintum’s Tenor Gatekeeper for my requirement (2 quintum behind 1 public IP)?

    2- Can I use a third Quintum A800 as a Gatekeeper(Public IP) and route the traffic to the Two quintums A800 (Private IP)?

    Thank you

    AZTelcom Inc.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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