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EXS – CSP 2000: problem with H323

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    Chris Bautista

    We have an EXCEL – CSP 2000 enabled with SIP, has an H323 card, and 2 VDAC modules. It is connected to a server host running a tandem application.

    Before we used the SIP stack of the Gateway, H323 interconnections were succesfull. Using gnugk as gatekeeper it worked well.

    Then we configured for SIP and sip calls are succesfull.

    Then we tested for H323 again but all configurations we did failed. There are traces that showed messages up to the setup capability from terminal to gk and gk to gateway but the gateway did not send any messages nor respond to them after that. Either the messages did not reach the gw or it no longer knows how to react to the message.

    Does SIP activation have anything to do with the problem? please help.

    Chris Bautista

    Please Help! and thank you in advance

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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