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Help wanted on Quintum Configuration for

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    Hi ,

    I need help regarding the following issue. Please help me out as in detail as possible

    1) I have a tenor A800 and 8 PSTN connected.On the other end i have IP Phones Cisco ATA 186. what i want is that the ip phones to connect to my tenor and make calls using my 8 PSTNs. What configuration should be done on both Tenor and Cisco ATA 186. (Please note that Cisco ATA 186 is running under SIP protocol whilst my tenor has been configured as h323)

    2) I have two other tenor A800 with different static IP. suppose Tenor1 and Tenor2.
    What do i have to do to configure Tenor1 if i call from a ph#1234567 and i want it to ring on the phone connected to Tenor2. Trough PBX/PSTN whichever is pssible.

    it will be highly appreciated if you would please reply me with “Step by step configuration” in details.

    Thanks and best regards.

    CM Rahman

    Tenor A800 can not do SIP. You need sip proxy and sip enable gateway.

    Which country are you in?



    u can contact me in this regards.


    Ahammad give me an email to and i send to you what you need


    I have Quintum A800, Is there anybody who can tell me how can I change the new IP? and how can I know the prefix? and what is the role of prefix? If I reset the unit does all information will be lost?


    Go to the prompt
    type config
    type unit 1
    type I.P. xxx.ddd.fff.ggg

    Be sure to save it by typing submit at the config propmt.

    Reboot the unit.

    Remember to do the changes from the console port, to be sure that you do not lock yourself out of the unit.

    Change also the mask and default gateway.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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