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Quintum A800 DTMF problem

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    Saleh Ahmed

    Dear Sir,

    We are using Quintum A800 gateway for calling card business at Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

    Our 60-70% customer makes call successfully from there telephone line.

    But the rest 30 to 40% customer facing a problem that when they are try to make call Quintum plays “Enter your card number” but when the user put the card number it keep silent and play again “Enter your card number” and they put the card number again but the system plays the same voice again, like the voice is plying three or four times then the line is disconnected.

    The problem facing customer change their telephone set several times but the problem does not solved.

    We are expecting your kindest help.

    Saleh Ahmed


    It could be two diferent problems:

    The tones generated by those callers may be not continuos DTMF tones, they may be just a short “beep” and that is not long enough for th gateway to decode the information.

    The second posibility is a low level on the lines comong from the phone company. The level of the DTMF tones is too low, and the gateway could not decode them.

    In both cases, you could try to change the gain of the audio on the gateway, to see if the tones are now decoded.

    Change the PSTN to IP gain by a couple of DB a at the time and try again.

    Do not over amplify, since that will give you echo and bad quality on the calls.

    Post back if that worked or not.


    Hi Saleh,

    I also located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, we have the same problems before. We are also using quintum a800 and we hosted our own platform powered by sysmaster voicemaster.

    You can call me at 0509 831026 for further information.




    Hi there,
    We also face the same problem with A800.
    Has anyone contacted Quintum regarding this problem?
    Did they offer any solution?



    Hi John,

    We are trying out a system like your setup A800 and Voicemaster. But as we are trying it gateway reports no IVR server response although its IVR configation has the Voicemasters IP as primary.
    Can you tell me what could be the problem? I can send you other details if you want.

    My email


    If you are using quintum tenor a-800, make sure you have all the ivr parameters, languange selected and the most important thing, make sure that the ISP did not block the TFTP port because that is the one used by the IVR server to communicate, I have had that problem very often in Mid-orient and Asia, you can post your problem at and we can check that personally and verify that the problem is not the one explained here.


    Saul Bejarano


    Make sure that you do have set on the quintum the parameter End of dial digit = # so at the moment that the timer expires the system automatically will enter the # sign if the customer does not dials it, if that is not set, then the system will assume that the customer never dialed the # as this is the case, the other customers probably are dialing the # and that is why they do not have a problem, you can use this configuration example:
    If this is not the case then I agree with the explanation of Noname.




    how to convert cdr files to excel

    MikeM to romy

    Once you have capture the CDR to a text file, simply import to Excel. Check with your cdr server to see how to export to a text file or if using telnet, check with that software to see how to capture a log file.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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