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quintum password recovery

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    i am looking for a facilty that can mask my originalstatic ip of quintum gateway to avoid monitoring by isp or other agency.

    MikeM to Muniandi

    The only way to do this is to subscribe to a service that provides a softswitch in the middle for routing calls from orig to term. The term will then only see the IP of the switch. Or you can purchase your own switch and place it in another network.

    Rajib Patowary

    I have a Quintum (Tenor AS Series). I have lost my password.

    Can any body help how to recover quintum password?

    MikeM to Rajib Patowary

    If the software version on the unit is P103 or higher, you may be able to reset this by connecting to the console port directly, and using the boot up menu to reset the entire unit to factory default. Keep in mind that this will erase the entire config including the password, but will not erase the IP address.



    is it possible to route calls from trunk group 1 to trunkgroup 2 in the same unit?

    I know LCRG can passthrough calls TCRG but is it possible for TCRG to passthrough TCRG?

    please help

    MikeM to xaymaca

    I have responded to your email sent to me directly. Please review this and let me know if it works for you.


    Muhammad Shahid Iqbal

    I forgot my Quintum series password. I can not loged in. Please help me, how can I reset the password. any help regarding to this problem will be highly appriciated.

    MikeM to Muhammad


    I am pretty sure that there are dozens of entries here that probably explain this. First, it is always helpful to provide the model type quintum.

    If you have a gen 1 product or your gen 2 product is at P103 or higher, you can reset the unit to factory default, erasing the entire configuration including the password, but not the IP address. You do this from the boot up menu with direct connection to console port.

    If you have gen 2 product that is less than P103, you will need to contact quintum directly to change this.


    i forget my quintum ax password.please help me.

    MikeM to syedrepon

    As for this if you have software version P103 or higher, you can reset the unit to factory default from the boot menu when you are connected to the unit thru the serial cable to the console port. When you reset to factory, you will erase all configuration, including password, but not the IP address.

    If you have lower than P103, you will need to contact quintum directly.



    i can not use GUI in my Tenor AX., but i can telnet it using the cmd prompt i’m having a problem enabling the ports and disabling it.

    MikeM to benny

    Make sure that you have the latest gui version to work with your AX. Also it would be helpful if you provided the reason given by the gui for not connecting and some of your setup.

    Finally, what do you mean by the ports? Are you talking about firewall? If so, it is my suggestion that you always open all ports to/from the quintum to start. Make sure that you are able to make calls, connect, etc., then start closing down ports and test calls and such after you close down each group of ports.



    need help for quintum configuration

    MikeM to ABDUL


    It would be helpful if you could provide more details. What type of quintum? What type of configuration?

    You may contact me directly at to discuss.



    I have quintum CMS password problem i forget my quintum password.please help me.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 46 total)
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