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quintum password recovery

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    Wilson Boyrie

    Email Quintum support with the serial number of the unit.

    Provide them access via outside I.P. address, and they will telnet into the unit using a master password and reset the unit to default password.

    There is no way to recover the password from a second generation quintum.

    Wilson Boyrie

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    If you cannot get the unit on the IP for Quintum to access, then you will need to call Quintum (during their normal business hours) and they will be able to provide you a time sensitive password to access the unit and change the password on your own, but you will need to be able to access the system when you call them.

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    Wilson Boyrie

    Another trick:

    If you do not know the I.P. address of the unit that you need to recover, connect the console and power cycle the unit.

    You will see messages while the unit is booting up.
    One of the messages will have the I.P. address of the unit.

    Using a small router (linsys 4 ports), setup a NAT that incluides the I.P. address of the Quintum.

    Example: The I.P. address of the quintum is

    Setup the linsys with a NAT LAN of, and mask of

    Give the router a public I.P. on the WAN side, and port forward the port 23 of the public side to port 23 of the “internal” ip of

    That will give Quintum access to the unit from the outside.

    Best regards and good luck.

    Wilson Boyrie.

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    i have axt800 and forgot the password. is there anyway to set it to factory default without notifying the quintum support.
    Plz help me. Its urgent.

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    MikeM to abrar

    Unfortunately, no. You will need to contact quintum support, provide your serial number and then they can reset the password.

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    guest to Abrar

    Question for you abrar. Does your serial number end with 1010D8 and your IP end with 202?

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    How Can I Reset Password of AXT800?

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    MikeM to JaHanGir

    You will need to contact Quintum to have the password reset.

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    shah paran

    how can i reset my quintum ax seres password.

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    I forgot my Quintum AX seres password. I can not loged in. Please help me, how can I brack the password. Please

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    Mike to Paran

    Unfortunately with the AX unit, you will need to contact quintum to have the password reset.

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    hi does anyone know how to setup AXT2400 using private network?
    i tried to configure it this way

    i set IP as
    and the gateway as my router which is
    and i setup the externalNATIpaddress on the quintum with some public ip addresss.after that i tried to ping to my gateway and it gives me “no reply Error”

    Please suggest

    Thank u


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    Andres Cerda

    I need to know how show the ip adrress configured in a AX by console?

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    MikeM to Kiril


    Without seeing the entire ethernet and gateway settings, it would be hard to tell, but if your routers private side IP is the and that is what you set the tenor to for the default gateway, that should work. Make sure you put a PC on the same network (192.168.1.x) and see if you can ping the router as well. Also, make sure you are pinging the private IP, not the public as the ISP may not allow a return ping from the source.

    If you need further help, you can contact me at

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    MikeM to Andres Cerda


    if you telnet to quintum, you would type the following;

    config ei
    this will get you to the ethernet prompt.

    set ipa
    Where is your new IP address


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