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quintum password recovery

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    i am trying to recover the password of my Quintum tenor A800. any body out there kno whow ?

    #27059 Reply

    it depends on the firmware version u have on it.
    some older version have a snmp exploit that would do this but the newer version seemed to have fixed this problem.

    #27060 Reply

    Dear Razan,

    I have system software version P4-2-20-31 (lec)
    Boot software version :P4-1-3
    Database version: 2.80 09-13-2000


    #27061 Reply
    Breaking Quintum Password

    If you have console password to the equipment is really easy, contact me at so I can explain you the procedure.


    #27062 Reply
    Saul Bejarano

    I ment Console access.
    You have to be connected to the serial console port to be able to break the password.
    Not telnet.
    Do you have console access thru the serial interface?

    #27063 Reply

    can any body help how to recover quintum password , i have Quintum 3200 also if some body can help from where i can get quintum 3200


    #27064 Reply

    sohail i can help i was able to recover mine sys. after a few pains. but you don`t have to go through me at

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    Quadri, Syed Zaigum

    Here is the Situation:

    We initially configured our Quintum CMS at office and then we brought it here in Tele-House Frankfurt after fixing it in closet we tried to Telnet , Ping and connect using GUI Config Manager but nothing worked then I tried to connect through Console cable from PC lying here but that PC has LINUX OS and in linux there is one application known as minicom through which u can connect the Serial Communication port of PC. I tried to connect but everytime it used to get connected but show strange messages like “Database intializing” then I brought a Window PC nad connected it through Hyperterminal then it showed the login screen. I tried with the password but failed but in the office I had accessed the system many time with the same password then I tried with the old password it also failed then reset the device but again it showed me those messages at the Terminal of Hyperterminal like Initializing passwords and so on but this time it gave me the option to restore the previously known configuration and I accepted it and during reviving that config, system gave many errors after that I am not even able to get anything on the Hyperterminal screen. No ACTIVITY at all on hyperterminal further I saw a Reset button on system controller card I pressed it but no use then I tried anothrt RESET button provided at the
    bottom on the front panel but it seems to be not in a good position when I press it the whole panel get pushed behind from inside and I can not press it properly.

    Then after all that we start observing the login prompt like this [fed2f60a] Login:

    So I tried the login and passwd but cannot get access to the system. At the moment we r standing here:

    [a8ceea16] Login:admin

    but cannot get access to the CMS on trying passwords.

    We need immediate help on this issue.

    Looking forward to hear from u soon.

    Quadri, Syed Zaigum

    JFB Communication
    Tel: 069-24006749
    Fax: 069-24006750

    #27066 Reply

    You may have erased the password already.

    Try to login without a password.

    Just press enter when it ask you for a password.

    Best luck

    #27067 Reply
    Hi All

    Buzz me for any problem of any series quintum.


    #27068 Reply

    I got same problem and i write to quintum ,
    for free, u just have to provide the P/N and serial Unmber of the unit and put it only with public ip or port forward on it if u r NAT user

    #27069 Reply

    i am trying to recover the password of my Quintum tenor A800. do any body knows how?

    #27070 Reply

    i am trying to recover the password of my Quintum tenor A800. do any body knows how?

    #27071 Reply
    WIlson Boyrie

    Connect a computer via the RS232 port to the gateway.
    Setup to 38400 bps,8 bits,1 stop bit,no parity.
    Confirm that you get the propmt when you hit “enter”several times.

    Without removing the cable,reboot the gateway.

    When you see a message that says “hit enter withing three seconds to enter configuration”, do so.

    You will be able to reset the equipment back to factory default.

    WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will loose all your configuration, the only thing left will be the I.P. address information.

    You will need to know how to configure your gateway again, from scratch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wilson Boyrie

    #27072 Reply

    I forgot my Quintum AXT800 password. I can not loged in. Please help me, how can I brack the password. Please.

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