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VOIP setup in an office

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    We are interested in utilizing VOIP in concert with our analog service – what is involved in a setup. I would love a setup where I download an agent and “bam” it works.

    We have a synch. DSL line with 6 MB/s sec sustained.

    What do I / we need to do?

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    as a follow up – we’re wanting minimal money outlays – buying switches etc etc is not desirable.

    so, I guess a service offering is what we seek. somehting like a headset plugged into a USB port (or something like that).

    am I dreaming or does this exist – Google results seem to tell me I’m dreaming

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    You could have VOIP in a office for as litlle as few hundred dollars, allowing you to save on long distance and overseas calls.
    Also, if you have two or more locations, you could interconnect them via VOIP for as little as a $200 gateway on each end and some singel line phones on each end.
    Now, if you want those lines to show up on multi line phones, or be part of a PBX equipment, the price goes higher inmediately.

    If you have any questions about it, feel free to give a e-mail


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    Mat @ Blue Lava

    Hi Clay,

    This can be very simple (and cheap) if you want a basic system where you can make calls and receive calls and don’t want any PBX type functions (transferring calls, holding calls etc.).

    You can either install softphones on the PC’s or a small gateway in the office. Quintum and BOSCom offer good solutions as they can be used for outgoing calls via IP and incoming calls via the normal analogue lines so you can keep your existing numbers.

    Of course it is possible to go completely IP having your incoming lines/calls delivered over IP as well. We offer a service in the UK with non-geographic numbers to our customers – the calls come to us and we forward on as IP. There are lots of companies in different countries offering this service now so you should be able to find an ITSP near you.

    If you let me know how many incoming and outgoing lines you require I’d be able to give you a better idea of pricing and suppliers etc.

    Hope this helps


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    A follow up – a service such as what blue-lava offers is totally outsourced – we just would need to get some handsets or somehting in our office, right?

    assume I know nothing, because I know nothing!

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    No, what Blue Lava have is a service that still requiere of you that you have:

    1)High speed (broadband) internet conection on the palces that you need to comunicate.

    2)A ATA device. That is a device (little box) that converts from VOIP sent over the internet to normal phone line.

    The ATA may be suplied as part of the service. You need to ask them

    If you only need a interoffice conection, you only need the boxes, and the internet conection on both places.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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