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Landing call on A800

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    At last, i cud land a call on PBX port by defining LDN.

    Public Hunt Ldn’s:
    1: 123456

    I have configured PBX ports in Prepaid calling card mode. But when i dial 123456, call is landing on PBX 1 , but not getting any IVR.

    Can i configure A800 to prompt IVR when i dial 123456?

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    Law number one in Quintum prepaid aplication:

    1) You could go from PSTN to VOIP (network side)

    2) You could go from VOIP to PSTN or PBX

    3) You could have a IVR answering calls on the PSTN side

    4) You COULD NOT go from VOIP to IVR.

    Again, if your call comes via network, you could not tell quintum to pick it up and play an IVR.

    At least you could not do with a clean solution, with good quality and good levels.

    What some people will do is “loop” the PBX ports to the PSTN ports , and get the PSTN ports to answer and play the IVR.

    If you need information/help setting the box write me to

    Best regrds.

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    Loop PBX and PSTN

    How can we Loop PBX and PSTN. is it a software looping or hardware looping?

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    You basically need 2 A800 boxes for this, which means in the end you only have use of the capacity of one box. You connect the PBX port of first A800 box to PSTN port of second A800, which then connects to your server via its IP port for billing. This configuration means that calls from the PSTN hit the first A800 which then uses the second A800 for IVR and billing.

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    You could also use just one unit to do the trick, but remember that you get only half of the channels.
    Since both calls will be VOIP, you could only get 4 calls from the A800.

    There are some cheap gateways that you could use for the side where you do the “landing” of the call, and then use the Quintum for IVR and billing.

    If you want to try on the A800, do the following:

    Create on PBX group with four ports on it and a “landing” number

    Crate a PSTN group with four ports and setup the IVR and billing

    The first one will be getting the calls from I.P. to PBX, the second group will have IVR and billing.

    With short telephone cords, loop from the PBX ports to the PSTN ports used on the experiment

    The call will be coming VOIP, come out on the PBX ports and ring on the PSTN ports, trigering the IVR.

    God help you with the disconnect issues and the quality of the calls.

    Only slightly better than string and cans.

    But some people use it anyway.

    Good luck!!!!

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