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The future of the Internet: Wireless Met

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    Prior to the Internet we had TV, Prior to the TV we had the Radio, prior to the Radio we had the telephone and prior to it we had the telegraph.

    Prior of everything we had two men trying to communicate with each other.
    That made them looking for a way, and the language was born.
    Later they wanted a way to communicate also with people who were not there or would have been there after them and they invented the writing.
    At the beginning it was drawing, then the draw became a symbol, then many symbols made an article.
    Then one day somebody invented the alphabet and since then communicating became easier and the world slowly became smaller, for better or worse, this is not the goal of my article.

    The bigger our audience, the faster our way of communication must be.
    Gone are the time when it was enough a speech on Sunday morning on the pulpit of the local church to reach 99% of the audience.

    We have gone a long way. Now you must be on the first ten pages of Google or you are out.
    But the first ten pages cannot have all the available offer and no matter what algorithm the Search Engine can use, you will never be able to know all what you should.

    Prior to the Internet, the last technology that had any real effect on the way people sat down and talked together was the table.
    There was no technological mediation for group conversations.
    Then came emailing, then chatting.

    Nice times when the Internet was a small village and you could talk to the other side of the Ocean and get an answer.

    Nowadays the Internet has become a big metropolis, traffic congested, where the search engines can hardly give you what you are looking for.
    The Internet grew (I do not want to say too much, because it is never too much)in a too disordered way.
    But that was exactly the way it was born for.
    Freedom. But freedom sometimes means chaos and we have to begin to put some order in it, changing it so that it can always be the same.
    A free world where everybody can say what he wants. A world of links where you begin in a place and finish millions of miles away.

    There comes my “Metropolitan Lan”.
    We should divide the Internet in small Metropolis, all interconnected.

    Easy to find what you want, because it is ordered, it is in a special place, easy to reach.

    Times have changed, we started from the wireless telegraph, the radio, we came to the wired world and we are slowly going back to the wireless one.

    WiFi is the new world of today.
    Wifi is the future of the Internet.
    Wireless Metropolitan Lan is the future of the Internet.

    The Internet was born to be a place where people could be free to talk and communicate, exchange files, opinions whatever they liked.

    But one thing was lacking: they didn’t own the infrastructures and that was a big limit.

    Nowadays new earth systems at very low price can make freedom a reality: The customers’ owned infrastructures.

    A small group of ISPs in UK understood it, they realized the power of the number “One for all and all for one”.

    Why go on depending on BT?

    The Act of Geneva of 1996 wanted to stop the monopoly of the big Telecoms.

    That was and is hard to do when they own the infrastructures.
    But now the time is ripe for a revolution.
    Will somebody understand and do it?

    It could be the peaceful revolution of the small ISPs who have a limited number of customers, who do not have to lease the infrastructures from the big, but own their own wireless Lan.

    We also developed a Wireless VoIP mobile telephony, with portable phones that can be used in the Metropolitan area for free and can transport the voice as IP on the Internet and reach all the other metropolis of the world.

    Will that be possible in the near future?
    Will the Internet be so powerful as to spread my ideas and visions all over the world?
    Will somebody understand what I say and believe in what I believe?

    I do not know, but, as my friend Markus always says” Dreaming costs nothing”

    See my website at

    or contact me:

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