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VoIP configuration

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    Couldn’t call2port CiscoATA186

    Hi All,

    I have configured CiscoATA186. But I have a problem.
    I can call, from Port#1 and Port#2 of CiscoATA186, any telephony number – it’s worknig.
    I can call from PSTN the Port#1. But when I try to call from PSTN the Port#2 I can see that CiscoATA186 send “Release Call” as answer with Error Code=8083.
    CiscoATA186 was configured to use G711, so, it’s not the case.
    CiscoATA186 Version: v2.16.2 ata18x (Build 030909a)

    Thanks in advance.


    Calling an ATA from PSTN????

    Did you put a converter betwen the PSTN and the port of the ATA??

    The ATA is a FXS device that should not be conected directly to the PSTN phone line ever.


    Yes of course I have a cisco gateway between pstn and ciscoata186 🙂
    It is not the case :)))

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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