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A800 on private net&dynamic ip

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    We have an A800 installed and configured as a call shop on a private net with dynamic IP from local ISP over DSL. In order to make calls we have to change the external IP in the Tenor everytime the ISP changes the real IP. Some times up to three times a day. We tired but couldn’t make it work the way Quintum is talking about on their web site. Any ideas? thanks.

    Dan C

    Yup use Qtelnet’s equipment. They have a feature that takes care of that problem and does all the updating for you automatically on a DHCP connection. They now also have a soft switch that can do you calling cards for you. Thats the each answer 🙂

    Im not up on all the in’s for Quintum but I know there are other people on here that are maybe they have a more direct answer for you. Good luck


    If your siutation is you have a router plugged into your modem, then I suggest using a linksys router. The DMZ on the linksys’s work well without having to use the “extip” command to change the public ip. If you are using a modem router combo you are kind of stuck. The NATAccess option that Quintum speaks of is designed to work with a static public ip.

    Noname to Hmmmm

    I was working few days ago on someone ‘s else gateway, and noticed that on the last version of Quintum software, there is aoption for PPOE.

    That means, that at least on theory, you could make the Quintum the only equipment after the ADSl modem.

    Let the Quintum “log in”.

    Not a tested idea, but it could be worth one try.

    James to Noname

    THe PPPoE is there on Quintum A800 but it does not support it yet!!! THey say in later releases…

    We’d better have some nice chick pics instead of PPPoE then!!!!

    Quintum is great though

    Noname to James

    Oh, that is not the best news.

    Well the question is out. Is there any way to make a A400 or A800 work on a ADSL, PPOE and non-static ip Address???????

    Or is there any way to make this Quintum A400 and above work on a regular ADSL??????

    SOmeone ever had success with such a configuration?????



    Quintum has had PPPoE support for the last few revisions of their firmare. Contact me if you have any questions.

    James to Noname


    It would be great if PPPoE is now supported as voiphelp mentioned. Otherwise, if you want to run A800 on regular adsl its not a problem. I have a setup with only one fixed ip using a prolink hurricane 9000p and adsl 512/128. Just give a pvt ip to the Tenor and put it in DMZ mode in the router. It works fine.

    Take care

    To James

    That is the catch.ADSL with one FIX I.P. address.

    You will not believe how much they want for a FIX I.P. in some places in South America.

    You will think that the I.P. is made of gold or something like that.
    I need some configuration that will work on dinamic I.P.).

    ADSL 64 kb on both ways=$60 US dollars

    ADSL on I.P. $240 us Dollars

    And the speed is only 384 kb download and 128 upload.

    MAke the old US a sweet place to buy broadband.

    Hmmmm to James

    If the IP is dynamic from the ISP’s DHCP server, would it work the same until the new IP arrives? We have an A400 without any extip entry on a private net works fine. The only difference is that the IP address from the ISP hasn’t changed for the past 8 month.

    Noname to all

    There is something not completely clear when you use Linksys routers.

    Maybe there are others out there, but the linksys “remember” the internal I.P. address from where it got the last H323 packets.

    That makes some I.P. phones and others like ATA ‘s, work behing the router without any port forwarding or DMZ zone.

    The router keep sending the packets to the internal I.P. where they got originated the first time, even if you change the internal I.P. of the device.

    That forces you to reset the router when you change the internal I.P. of the phone or device.



    I want to use a Quintum D800 with ADSL PPoA connection. My IP changes once per day. What should I do so that I don’t need to change the IP configuration on the Quintum.


    If you set the TCP keep alive setting to 1 in the unit part of the configuration you SHOULD keep the same external IP address.

    PS if you do not have this setting you need the latest firmware


    This is if I connect the ADSL modem directly to the gateway right? What about if I connect the ADSL modem to a router so that I can hook up the billing server?


    Guys, have any of you successfully used a 256K dedicated wireless connection to deploy VOIP?

    Also, if I use a D800 with PacketSaver about how much bandwidth do I need to allow eight simultaneous calls?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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