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best fxo device

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    guys based on your experiences, which brand of 2-port fxo gateway is the best interms of:

    1. voice quality
    2. setup
    3. price
    4. expandability

    i have these list of gateways:
    any others which you recommend?


    Dan C

    Micnac – Here is my take on the listed products :

    Quintum – the A200 is crap in many differnt areas. Please dont even go near it. If you have a problem their solution is to replace the unit.

    Qtelnet – This a nice unit. Fairly easy to set up and the quality is excellent. You can expand the Qtelnet gear to 100 units without the need of a gatekeeper, beyond that you can use a soft switch or gatekeeper. I like that when their are firmware upgrades they can all done remotely through an FTP site. They recommend a retail price of $575.00 but I have seen them for less online. Best bang for the buck my opinion

    Mediatrix – Well to be honest I never got through the set up of one of these units. What a nightmare! To set up the units it comes with this flash reprogrammer and no web page interfaces. I gave up and returned the unit. They are cheap mind you but you get for what you pay for.

    There is Multitch as well but they are way overpriced. You are better of with a Qtelnet fxo.

    Drop me a line if you have any questions at


    thanks dan for the reply…


    I would also throw weltech units into the fray as they are highly reliable can be as cheap as $200 a unit and are very easy to configure.

    Hope this helps

    Dan C

    No worries MicNac. When you look on Google the cheapest qtelnet is $539 at :


    Whatever you guys do m stay away from Quintum A200.

    They are not made by Quintum, it is someones else box, and a cheap piece of ingeniering.

    If you want to sabeotage a competitor, buy some and send them as a present.


    Guaranteed best price for QTelNet in online on EBay. The price is direct from the MFG list prices. Last I saw it was $675.00 canadian, haven’t seen anything listed for a while though, keep checking. I can probably find you one for $700.00 in stock. post your email address, I’ll send the details.


    Anybody have tried Welltech with a Quintum gateway?

    Dan C

    Gonzo – Ive tried the Quintum a200 see my previous remarks on how bad it is.


    thank very much guys,

    yes its no go for quintum, based on yours and other threads, quintum is hard to setup and configure.

    I’m going to go with qtelnet or welltech.

    the problem is there is no distributor for qtelnet and welltech here in singapore as i search the web

    any help? will buy!

    Dan C to Micnac

    I saw a few places that you can buy online for Qtelnet :

    If not call them I know my sales rep exports all over the world. Their number is 403-291-2492. I would sell to you but I dont have any way to get it to you.

    I am not familar with welltech sorry.


    send me your email address, I will send it to the manufacturer ( I know the factory sales rep personally ) and will get back to you with what we can do for you. If the manufacturer won’t ship it to you, I’ll buy you one and ship it from Canada.



    I have a sister in California.

    The best route will be canada to california, then my sister will ship it to me

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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