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voip design

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    Mauricio Valencia

    I need some information about diferences between h.323 softswitch architecture, a example o method of voip design but for public networks (NGN)


    send me the how VoIP work artical



    Well, I need to design a local exchange network, I will have 10 Media Gateways, ! Call server, and of course IP backbone.

    I have about 15000 lines (pots) per media gateway, I need the capacity og the trunks in the side of the PSTN and the bandwidth needed on the side of the IP backbone.

    for the design i need a criterio to decide the softswitch architecture instead a H.323 or other, but I need to show Why Softswitch architecture is the best?


    Mauricio Valencia


    Hi there
    I like to know about internet telephony! how does voip card works.
    I khow the voice convert to digital packets and send but what else?


    10 Media Gateways? Why? Seperate call server? Why? Seperate Softswitch? Why?

    Why are you overcomplicating your network and draining your pockets with all of these seperate systems? You may want to look into a solution that will give you the ability to adapt to the market NOW rather than waiting on someone else to come up with something for your situation a few years down the road. By then, it will be too late. Take a look at Asterisk. The best kept secret of telecom. I’m going to upset a lot of cisco and quintum sales people but look at and The source code is there, if you need it it can be built NOW! Stop wasting your money and throw linux on a box and get moving today!



    Have you already purchased the gateways and the call server you mentioned? I hope not…


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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