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Configuration manual

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    Pierre Nicaise CHOKOTE

    I am strongly looking for the configuration manual of the Quintm A400


    I am a little surprised and cannot understand, how can be that there are so many people that buying Tenor and does not get User Manual !!!??
    From where all these Tenor units coming from???
    If you buy it from Quintum, you should get it for free. Even if you are buying second hand equipment, you should get it or ask from someone that sold you. If someone have sold his Tenor, so why he will keep Manual, I cannot catch why Manual or CLI should be issue or any problem to get.
    If you would like to make serious business with Tenor (I am expecting that this is not only for personal use or toy) and do VoIP business, how you can do it without manual or training or experiences.


    Von, I am with you on this issue. Hard to believe that I get 10-0 requests for the CLI versio of the manual each week.
    On the other hand, there is no manual when you get a new unit. It is not open to the genera public on the Quintum web site. You need to register to get into that area.
    I do not know how hard is to get registered if you bought something second hand. I buy directly from Quintum and my registration is very old, one of the very firt ones.
    The other issue is how many persons are trying Quintum without even telephony 101. I sugested among other users to create a web site to echange tips and sample configurations for those that are trying to figure out the basics, but the urget always get on the way of the important and nobody have free time to pursue it.


    Thanks for sharing same opinion. However, I have got Manual on SW/and print wersion. I read it onec and newer use it again. There is no real information how to operate TEnor exept some basic understanding how to connect and why you are using this equipment.
    It is strongly recommended that every biginer study this manual before he post any question to this forum.
    There is no shortcut to the knowladge or using others to do ther job.
    The real thing is CLI, where you get all instructions.

    As far as I know, anyone who whish to get registration is only post his email to Quintum TAQ with his Tenor ser. No. and to pay for PSS Phone support service 240USD.


    What version of the code you are running on you A400 and what is your email address.




    I am looking for complete configuration manual for a400.
    Will appreciate your help email at



    Unfortunately the configuration manual is 250-300 pages long and as such it is not feasible from a cost perspective to include it with every box shipped. The printed manual is available to anyone attending the Quintum training course. I have PDF’s of the manual’s for both the tenors and the CMS as well as for the new DX series. If you e-mail me i will be able to send you the PDF’s



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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