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IP mobile telephony

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    Hi everybody,

    I have an exciting project, which, if succesfull, will aloow all the people who own a DSL line to be able to call the world with a portable IP phone.

    I will try to explain it as much as possible ( you can also see my web pages at

    It is very simple.
    Instead of sharing the bandwidth to download illegal MP3 or movies, we share it to telephone for free.

    You need to connect to your DSL line an access point, to place the antenna on a window. You do not even need to have the computer on 24 hours a day, just connecting the access point.
    You will create a ” Hot Spot” that every other member of the community will be able to use.
    You will then need a portable IP phone, you will connect to the Net either through your own Hot Spot or through the hot spot of any other member, wherever you will be ( all the continents will have people sharing hot spots.

    A call with our device consumes maximum 20 k, thanks to to high compression of the voice and the quality is absolutely gorgeous.
    Our telephone will have a price around 200, 250 US dollars. An access poit costs not more than 100 US dollars.( I am not talking about SIP phones, but a real IP portable phone!!!)

    The value of the investment highly overcomes the amount.

    Imagine, being able to call for free for the rest of your life!!! And imagine what kind of doors opens a connection like that!

    What do you think?


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    quien sabe

    I want three of those that you are drinking.

    Good luck!! It will be nice, but unless someone makes money on the process, it will be hard to get people to jump to the idea.
    It was someone trying to setup a similar idea, puting a gateway between your broadband and phone line for people on the Intenet to use when you are not home.
    it did not work. The system now is working for people to make calls from one phone to another, but not PSTN conection.

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    HI quien sabe or whatever is your name,

    I just drink plain water, do not like beer or wine, sometimes a diet coke….

    I do not know if you saw my web pages at

    It is nice to have dreams and projects.
    I am 51 and dreamed all my life.
    Some projects failed, some were very succesfull.
    The one who never made mistakes in his life is the one who never did anything.

    On the other hand, you cannot help being what you are.
    For me living is worth nothing and waisted if I just do the usual things.

    I really believe in my project, I think it is the best opportunity we have to build a real “Telecom” that belongs to the people.

    Look what happened in Italy ( I am italian) they built the infrastructures almost 100 years ago and with the state’s ( people’s) money, we paid for them a very high price every month and they still go on sucking and waisting our money.
    We have to pay 24 Euro a month, just to be able to use the lines and then a huge amount for every telephone call.
    And there is nothing else. If you want a telephone you have to pay the Telecom Italia.

    Even worse with the portables. You pay so much for every call!!! And without considering that nobody says it, because it is such a big business, but we are living in a real “microwave oven” with all the possible consequences.

    Most of the old people I know have ” Altzheimer” which was an illness I didn’t know existed a few years ago.

    If every one ( or just 1/10) of the people who own a DSL line would build a “Hot SPot” and connect it to his line. It costs around 100 dollars and the consume of bandwidth for telephoning is very low. As I said, if all would do it, we would be able to call with a portable phone everywhere at cost ZERO. ( of course you pay the DSL line, but you pay for it anyway)

    And we offer a real portable, and the quality is even better than with a GSM!!!

    And you can do things you can dream of doing with a GSM.

    You can tranfer music, pictures, in the future videos and anything, all at cost ZERO.
    Don’t you think that that is making money? Don’t you think that the idea of being able to call for free for the rest of our lives is a reason?

    ” He who seeds a Hot Spot, will harvest free calls for a lifetime”
    Who wouldn’t want to try?
    Don’t you think it is amazing?


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    Well Patrizia,

    For one, how should anyone even remotely consider taking you seriously if the link to your website…. ….doesnt even work

    Maybe you need to take care of the little things first before worrying about the big things

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    Hi Eddie,

    you are damned right. I didn’t know it didn’t work, till somebody told me today.
    It was for the stupidest reason, as many times happens with Web pages.
    It took me a few seconds,and now it works.

    I am the first one to complain about links that do not work… the Internet is full of them.

    Yesterday I made a few changes in the Meta text, and I probably overdid.

    Hope you will give me a second chance…


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    Hi dood,you’re a clear thinker.I love people who posses the potential to express clear common views.As to your project,i would at this point,like to mention “sounds interesting”.Anyway I’m gonna visit the website you did recommend to get a clear view of what your project looks like.Peace

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