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Voip over ADSL

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    Anyone has an experience with voip over ADSL ?
    Connected a tenor D2400 over ADSL ?


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    yes, What is the problem?


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    Hi everybody,

    I have an exciting project, which, if succesfull, will aloow all the people who own a DSL line to be able to call the world with a portable IP phone.

    I will try to explain it as much as possible ( you can also see my web pages at

    It is very simple.
    Instead of sharing the bandwidth to download illegal MP3 or movies, we share it to telephone for free.

    You need to connect to your DSL line an access point, to place the antenna on a window. You do not even need to have the computer on 24 hours a day, just connecting the access point.
    You will create a ” Hot Spot” that every other member of the community will be able to use.
    You will then need a portable IP phone, you will connect to the Net either through your own Hot Spot or through the hot spot of any other member, wherever you will be ( all the continents will have people sharing hot spots.

    A call with our device consumes maximum 20 k, thanks to to high compression of the voice and the quality is absolutely gorgeous.
    Our telephone will have a price around 200, 250 US dollars. An access poit costs not more than 100 US dollars.

    The value of the investment highly overcomes the amount.

    Imagine, being able to call for free for the rest of your life!!! And imagine what kind of doors opens a connection like that!

    What do you think?


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    hi everybody

    I want to hear about your experience on voip over ADSL .If it’s offer a good voice quality .
    where is the diffrence between a T1 internet access and DSL internet access in term of the quality of the service .

    -Do you think that the quality of the voice is correct with ADSL (Asymetric DSL) ,there’rs 2 different data speed in upload and download .
    Do you think that SDSL with be better than SDSL because the date speed is symetric.

    Thank you for you help

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    our VOIP works perfectly also with a Modem connection or ISDN ( of course we have special telephones in this case) because of the high compression of the voice.

    In my opinion, of course the most convenioent is using it with a DSL or more and a flat fee connection.
    In this way the cost of the telephone call is zero and one can talk as long as he wants also in an intercontinental call.

    The quality is amazing, I would like to show it, we will demonstrate it in Geneva in October at the Telecom show.

    And the price of the hardware is nothing compared to the ones of Cisco and Nortel, which do not even work.
    A telephone call consumes around 20 K ( some say 6, 8 k, but that is with a software and the quality is terrible) considering that with a slow ADSL you have 256/128 you can see that the amount of bandwidth is more than enough.
    We do not have delays or echoes which are the most disturbing features in a VOIP.
    We also can have a 1.000.000 bit encription which is practically unhackable.

    I can assure you, it is just a matter of time, but the Telecoms can say good bye to all their sucking and cheating ( at least that is the behaviour of the Europeans).

    We will finally be able to call when and how and how long….


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    Hi Patrizia

    Send me a mail offline


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