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Quintum A800 (Point to Point)

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    Abu Hasnat

    Hi all.

    I need to connect two Tenor (PBX) ports to another tenor (PSTN) ports. Just to pass calls. No IVR and no billing required.

    In this regards, i need help. Can anyone show me the way?

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    That is child play. Post your e-mail or write to mike3799@yahoo and I will send you a sample configuration.

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    Hi there,

    Can somebody help me out in configuring a tenor for pstn -> ip ( with 2nd dial and without 2nd dial. both seperately on two tenors )

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    Hi all………Anybody know about Quintum configuration?

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    I need to pass calls from one Tenor A800 to and other Tenor A800 in an other country and from there to one particular proper line number.

    To make it clearer. I will call from any phone line to 0800-xxxx numeber and this will forward through the IP-network to the my other Tenor in the other country. This tenor will then forward the call to one, only one same namber every and that number is 0800-yyyyy.

    I only want the Tenors to pass. No IVR and no billing required.

    Is this possible, if it is possible please tell me how to do it. or mail me to

    Thank you

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    Anybody ????

    Hi there,

    This is my first tme here. Hopefully I’ll get my answers. 🙂

    I have two tenor A800 with different static IP. suppose Tenor1 and Tenor2. I already have configurd them for private numbers.

    What do i have to do to configure Tenor1 if i call from a ph#1234567 and i want it to ring on the phone connected to Tenor2. Trough PBX/PSTN whichever is pssible.

    most sincerely,

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    Noname to Saif

    On gateway number one, you set a static route to the second.
    The static route will tell the gateway where to route the calls based on the static route I.P.

    One example:

    config# be
    config be# sr 10
    config be sr 10# routename Miami
    config be sr 10# callsig
    config be sr 10# dn 1 1305* 0 1 1
    config be sr 10# dn 2 1976* 0 1 1

    With these commands, you are seting a static route from this gateway to a gateway in Miami, with I.P. address
    You are instructing the gateway to route any calls that start with 1305 or 1976 to this gateway for resolution.
    Be sure to save the config by typing “submit” on the config# prompt after you finish

    On the Miami gateway, do the oposite area codes and i.P. address

    You are ready to call from a to b and b to a.

    Best regards.

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    Thank you for you replay for Seif, it really helped me. Can you please go farther and
    tell the way to divert a call from the A800 in Miami to normal proper line.

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    Saif to Noname

    Thanks a lot to Noname for the reply.

    It helped. But now that I am trying to do few more things. I’d appreciate if you could answer those for me.

    1. I want to call from an IP phone(MAxlink 201 with a static IP) from another coutry to USA to my Quintum Tenor DX. Please tell me what do i have to do to configure at both ends.

    I did a test call to the IP phone from my A800 and it works perfect, but the call does not come the other way from the IP phone to my A800.

    2. First of all thanks for bearing with me as of yet. Ok. I want to set up an ANI service through my Tenor A800 from another country. What steps do I have to take to configure it properly.

    Also, i need to know if it is possible to have both the ANI service and prepaid calling card service using different trunk groups in the same tenor A800.

    Well i guess that will be enough for now. And thanks in advance.


    P.S. keep up the good work guys. by sharing your knowledge you are helping thousands of ppl like me out there. And thanks to this forum as well and to all of u guys for posting both ur problems and ur expert solutions…… Saif

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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