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IP Phone and Quintum

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    I need help setting a welltech IP phone to work with a Tenor GK. I can register the IP phone to the GK and I can make calls to the IP phone, but I can’t call out from the IP phone.



    Have you tried to hit pound after you finish dialing the number???
    I have a cheap VOIP phone that does that. I does not say anything on the user manual, but it will not send the digits out until you hit #


    To noname.

    Yes, I tried that. I got a message on the display saying undefined reason. Can you give me some info on the settings you have on your phone? This phone have a web interface and is easy to setup, but I must be doing something wrong.


    to gonzo

    i used to use welltech’s lan phone 101 to communicate with tenor, and meet the same question.

    here is what i do at that time, it may do some help to you.

    since i use the old version of tenor, i need to use country code and area code.

    so i modify the incoming digits and out digits in tenor and add prefix to incoming and out.


    I used the debug command on the phone and the dialing pattern looks ok like 12121234567, but I am not receiving anything on the Tenor. Do you remember what was the H323 settings you were using?


    to gonzo

    what is your configuration of tenor?

    countrycode and area code?

    as for me countrycode is 86 and areacode is 21

    so i config tenor as follow:

    outdeletedigit 4 ,outprefix 8621,
    incomdeletedigit 4 incomingprefix 8621 and i didnot remenber any setting on welltech’s phone.
    maybe you can try.
    good luck


    Hi there!!!
    I’m triying to develop a billing system for Cisco ATA 186. I use winsyslog to have somme message coming from Ata and I dont know axactly the meaning of all that messages. Please I you have and idea about that let me know…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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