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fxs to fxo converter

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    has anyone bought the fxs to fxo converter from ebay? If so, does it work? I have a cisco 827-4v and I can’t make it work– help please– thanks


    It is a FXS to FXS adapter. It shouls sit betwen a normal phone line (line from the phone company) and your VOIP box.
    To try it, install it betwen two normal phone lines to start with. Call the number of one of the phone lines. After it rings, the box should answer the call and present you the dial tone of the second line. Then you “overdial” with DTMF tones the second call.
    If there is a period of silence of the box detects a busy tone , the call should be dropped.
    If that works, you could disconnect the second phone line and replace it with your VOIP box (ATA 186, Ericsson adapter or 847v box)
    Good luck.


    When i call it from the outside I get a second dial tone, but then i try to call an internal number it drops the call–
    Nadie– please send me your email

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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