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Two Tenor A800 with only one IP address

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    Alberto Tamborrel

    I need to connect two A800 with a single IP address

    The ISP provides me only with one fixed IP, but I need to connect two Quintum Tenor A800 in order to have 16 pstn channels available. Can it be done with a router instructing this to give the provider’s IP address to the first gateway (using such gateway as gatekeeper) and a internal IP address to the second?

    Thank you in advance for your help


    Please check the multichannel feature, but I am not sure if this might solve your probleme otherwise you can use NAT (Network Address Translation) and connect both boxes to private IP and use your public IP as the default gateway IP address

    Chris Johns

    Im having the same issue, my A800 is maxed and i want to add another but to get another IP address would cost 1000 per month (ouch). the Technician is telling me i can probably do it with the functioning of my router and a switch. My router specifically supports h323, but im not sure if it will work with 2 a800’s, If someone knows a sure answer/solution, please advise.


    You can work under the NAT 100% sure, no need to have a router you can also use a computer with two network cards to do the NAT.


    You need a call Quintum call relay. It will allow you to have 1 static external Ip and as many boxes as you want on the free private ip’s
    any questions drop me an email.

    kasraou iraq

    hi dears
    pls any one have a configertion of tenor a800 pls provide me we bought more than 3 sat modem and the haven,t the munuall not help full

    khasraou khdr

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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