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Radius..How it works and recommendatio

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    Chris Johns

    Can someone recommend a good radius for my server, Im using it for a calling card business, and can you also can you explain to me how it works….my pop (gateway quintim a800) is in Asia, i want to put the radius/ billing on my server in the USA, Im sure this can be done, they would both need fixed IPs, i dont have a pop in the US just a server. also these softwares do they allow web access? or would i need a developer to write a java based program? please let me know

    Teodor Georgiev


    1. Your Radius server can be anywhere in the world. You can also connect N-number of gateways to one Radius server and do centralised authentication/accounting.

    2. Have in mind – Radius is authentication/accounting software, not a billing software.

    Most of the VoiP billing software uses Radius.
    Some companies sell an “all-in-one” solution – Radius + billing.


    I have a question on IVR. Can my IVR be in one place(USA) and the A800 gateway in another place(Asia) where the calls originate? This is for calling card business.


    I heard that some people do get it done that way. As long as you have bandwith, it should not be a trouble.
    But keep in mind that the IVR could be as simple as a P.C.with a TFTP software on it.
    Keeping the IVR next to the gateway, on the same network,it will be a “cleaner” solution

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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