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Blocking Caller ID

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    I need help to block caller ID in Quintum Tenor A800 if you know please


    If your outgoing trunk to the PSTN is a analog trunk, 2 wire plain POTS, you need to find out from your local phone company what is the code to disable caller id.
    It should be something like *67 or something like that.
    This is the number that the Quintum will dial before any other digits when placing a call to the PSTN.
    Then you enter those digits as a prefix to be dialed before the real called digits.

    Be aware that you could not always be sure that the caller I.D. is not displayed. There are ways to get the caller I.D. even if you blocked the transmission, an you do not need to be FBI or CIA to do it.


    What’s the blocking procedure for Tenor D3000 on a PRI line? Thanks.


    That will be diferent,since you are on a ISDN service to your provider. I really do not know the details of that one.
    You do have 30 channels that carry voice and two channels handling the signaling. Within those two channels is where all the “handshaking “happens betwen the Tenor and the Central Office on the pgone company.
    Best bet will be go to Quintum for that matter.


    I don.t mind that is well.
    Thank you


    In some countries, caller id can be blocked from being displayed on the receiver’s phone. What the caller needs to do is to dial some specific digits followed by the phone number. Can this also be done if I have PRI ISDN lines? Anyone has the answer?



    is it possible to extract CDRs from D3000.

    and also tell me do i need to use extra software like radius/aaa (what is that) or billing software to charge originatiing client


    Ask Me

    Yes I know how to block caller IDs


    Mat @ Blue Lava


    There are a couple of questions here: Can you retrieve the CDR’s from a D3000 – Yes, Quintum provide free CDR collection software that runs on a PC. You can download this from the Quintum website.

    The other regarding caller ID on PRI lines is a little more tricky. Essentially you should be able to ask you PSTN provider to block all calls coming from this PRI. This option is available in most countries (but not all).

    As mentioned by joel and noname earlier is also correct – you can (in most countries) add a prefix to the start of a number to hide the caller ID. On a Quintum you can add this prefix in the LAM section under the PSTN settings. In the UK for example we add 141 on the front of the dialled number to hide CLI. It should be noted however that the Quintum doesnt like sending * to the PSTN if you need that in your country (it confuses it with a wild card).

    Hope this helps – if you need a more detailed explanation feel free to contact me.



    Anyone know howto block caller ID on A800 in pakistan, I know we can prefix but lets say they dont allow a prefix, i.e the telco does not allow it, then how can you block it,



    I use GSM through tellular connected to quintum for dialing. CLIR is not provided here. Can any of you help me doing it from the quintum ?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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