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Media Convergence Server

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    I have been told by one of the vendor that to setup Cisco Media Convergence Server 7800 Series, needs to be purchased to use VoIP, Video conferencing etc. I want to know whether this is needed or can’t i just install Cisco Call Manager software on one of my servers and setup IP phones and start using them?

    Morgan de Ruiter

    Well you can set it up at your own servers but than you need to hack te software.
    Cisco will NOT support you anymore if you do.
    The other thing youcan do is buy a HP proliant DL 320 or 380 with the Cisco spec’s. You can download the specs from the Cisco site


    The 7800 needs some little modifications to run call manager.
    If you already pay Cisco for the software, you will be better off if you buy the 7800 from them, or they will not support you.
    Now if you have not bought the software yet, you could, in theory,just get any server, do the small modifications yourself, get the software and try to make it work without support.
    Cheaper but VERY dificult to do, unless you are already half genius.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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