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Connect 2 PBX

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    I have 2 landline based PBXs. Both PBX locations have High Speed Internet. Is there a solution to connect the 2 PBX with VOIP. This sounds like a common problem any one have luck finding a solution. I expect minimal traffic between the offices no more than 1 or 2 active lines at a time.


    A really cheao solution will be getting a couple of Ericsson Web 100 boxes. there is someone selling them for $220 for a set of two on e-bay.
    The guy seems to have a large number of them.
    I bought a couple of them. They do not need a gatekeeper to operate and they have four FXS ports .

    You could connect the boxes to the PBX ‘s using analog two wire trunk ports.
    The audio is super and the setup is done via browser in about 15 minutes per box.
    If you want something suported, you could get any gateway, two or four ports,for around $200 to $400 dollars each.
    Quintum will be a nice solution, the two lines (A200) runs about $400 each. The four lines sells for around $800 each.
    Or if you want real good quality, something profesional, you will need something with a T1/E1 interface to the PBX. That will take you into the several thousand dollars to begin with.
    You could get it cheap, realiable or fast. Pick any two .


    I thought I needed the ports to be FXO ports. Since they needed to pretend to be phones. Am I confused as to what is FXS and FXO?
    My PBX has line cards that I plug plain Jane phones into are these trunks you mean? I was expecting to dial an extension in Miami and then get dial tone form Canada. Then dial a second extension in Canada.

    Definitely want cheapo even if unsupported. I will read and research point me in the right the direction.
    Thanks for any Info


    I see it now. I plug the Web 100’s like if they we coming from the Telco. Then I program my PBX to use those lines to get to Canada and to use my Voice T1 for anything else.

    Do you think if I use FXO boxes I could put them on the extension side of the PBX’s. With this Idea dialing an extension in Miami would take an extension in Canada off-hook. Do I need a gatekeeper with FXO boxes? With FXO boxes I could use their PBX to dial out to Canadian numbers. I don’t know which way is better? Any suggestions?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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