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Your opinion about Quintum?

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    If you log into the Tenor using a PC connected to the console port as described in the user guide, you can type “ei” then “show” and this will show you the IP address information.

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    I am new to VOIP, I am setting up Quintum AXM series, can any one tell me which CRM software shall I use with it?
    Is Cisco Call Manager comaptible with it?

    Thanks in Advance


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    Hillol to everybody

    Hi All,

    I have a quintum A800 at my site which’s 1 PSTN port is connected with a PSTN phoneline (Say # is 88028821331). At Remote end I’ve a MERA VoIP Softswitch.

    Now what I need to do is whenever I’ll call to 88028821331 from any public phone then my MERA softswitch at remote end will able to receive the ph #(88028821331).

    Please helpppp.

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    Very simple.

    1. set the pstn trunk group passthru to No.
    2. set the forcediprouting number in PSTNTG to 88028821331.
    3. Make sure you have the correct disconnect supervision set on the pstntg.
    4. create a static route (config be sroute 1) to the Mera and add the dn of 88028821331 to it.


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    pls can i get information and help on configuring a quintum tenor as series on a linux server

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    You can use linux to configure the Tenor if you use a telnet software that runs on linux.

    The configuration manager will not run on linux.

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    mike thanks, but how and where do i get a telnet software that runs on linux

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    search the web. Try I believe if you go to google and type “telnet for linux” you will find what you are looking for.

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    Hillol to Mike

    Dear Mike;

    Following the procedure you suggested is not working. The Soft Switch is not Mera, its Quintum Soft Switch.

    Please check my configuration and the step you suggested. Let me know if anything needs to be change or add.

    1. set the pstn trunk group passthru to No.
    2. set the forcediprouting number in PSTNTG to 88028821331.
    3. Make sure you have the correct disconnect supervision set on the pstntg.
    4. create a static route (config be sroute 1) to the Mera and add the dn of 88028821331 to it.

    PSTN Trunk Group: 1
    Name = PstnPassThrough1
    Pass Through = no(0)
    PT Trunk ID = 0
    Provide Call Progress Tone = no(0)
    Busyout = no(0)
    Hunt Algorithm = ascending-round-robin(2)
    Modem Calls = No(0)
    Direction = both(2)
    DN Used = public
    End Of Dial = yes(1)
    End Of Dial Digit = #
    Add End of Dial Digit = no(0)
    Ivr Type = None
    CID = From Interface(0)
    External Routing Request = no(0)
    Auto Switch Enable = no(0)
    Forced IP Routing # = 88028821331
    Forced IP Routing # Type = public
    Trunk ID(Account Code) = none
    Trunk ID Delivery = none
    2 Stage Dial = No
    Translate Inbound Caller ID = no(0)
    Relay Caller ID = yes(1)
    IP Extension = no(0)
    Maximum LAM Calls Allowed = 8
    LAM: Index Pattern Replacement NumberType
    Cas Signaling Type = loop start(1)
    Cas Orientation = user(0)
    Dial Tone Detect = yes(1)
    Dial Delay Timeout = 1000
    Answer Delay Timeout = 60
    Flash-Hook Signaling = no(0)
    Supervision = answer and disconnect(3)
    Caller Id Detection = no(0)
    dtmf-ontime = 100
    dtmf-offtime = 100
    unit# 1 line# 2: 1
    Static Routing
    Static Route #1
    RouteName = roaming
    Gkmode = Destination is a Gateway (0)
    CallSignalAddress =
    1:88028821331 Public LAM priority(255)


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    To Ameen from Teodor Georgiev

    Dear Ameen,

    like all your fellow-countryman from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, you are nothing but a NOTHING… A lie… a fake.

    I have worked with hundreds of you, and the only thing you are good in is “copy&paste” and begging desperately for help on the forums under fake names.

    You typed exactly with you fingers:

    I have 7 years of experience in configuring QUINTUM gateways.

    and later when caught lying, you try to escape from your words by saying – it is 7 years with VoIP in general. I am sure this is a fake also. If I give you to “read” a H323 debug, you will be completely lost.
    So, please… Do not waste people’s time.

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    MikeM To Hillol


    I forgot to ask you if you have the quintum registered to another gatekeeper or not. Sroutes only work on the Quintum if it is not registered to a gatekeeper, only to itself. If this is true, then the rest of the configuration looks fine. Maybe the call is getting out to IP but the other end is rejecting the call? Do you know how to get a log of the call from the quintum?

    If you want further direction on this, contact me at


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    Can any people let me know how to configure the 65 country code to route out via ip ?

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    Can anyone please hlep me by sending DX2030 manual.
    We are unable to find it on web .

    Please let us knw the country specific R2 setting for UK

    Thanks for your sincere co-operation.

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    Did you try Quintum’s web site? They have all the manuals and information under the customer service area and you should always try there first.

    I easily found the link for all the manuals under the support section. The direct link is;

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    I have a Quintum Tenor D3000, I want to change the E1 impedance from 75 ohm to 120 ohm but there is no command on conf—> line.
    any help?

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