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VoIP calling card

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    What infrastructure(hardware/software/equipments etc) will I need to set up a VoIP prepaid calling card business?

    Richard Kim

    1) Gateway
    2) gatekeeper
    3) Billing

    if you want IVR System
    it’s more expensive
    1) IVR
    2) Gateway
    3) Billing

    –Gateway : Lucent, cisco, anyother.
    Gatekeeper : Lucent,cisco … anyother..

    good luck


    hi Richard! thanks for your reply. what’s the advantage of IVR system?


    Expensive ^^

    ususally IVR system is Diallogic base indestrial computer
    it is 4 port or 8 port T1/E1,

    if you use IVR the system is

    customer–telco PBX–IVR–GW–GK—GW–Telco PBX—customer
    so IVR reduce load of GW,
    but I think it’s not good

    Lucent MAX6000 or TNT Gateway, it have IVR on gateway , ciscoAS53xx aslo
    it’s up to you, IVR system is little bit stable


    As I think, the simplest config is Cisco gateway with TCL IVR installed on it in every region and billing system in center. As say richard, there are similar solutions from another vendors, but I know nothing about it.

    IVR = Interactive Voice Response. It may be based not only on Dialog voice cards, but (for VoIP) just a s/w, for example Cisco IP-IVR. In solutions for calling cards IVR is responsible for DTMF input from caller, notifying subscribers on current balance and so on.

    TNet Communications


    What is your PSTN connection you are planning to use Analog, digital, and how many circuits. There a some gateways out there that will do the job very reliably however if you want to do prepaid calling card services there are only a few that do it successfully and willing to change as the telecom market changes. The IVR portion for Cisco or Quintum, is typically a TFTP Server prompt storage server for multiple languages and the RADIUS Server tells the TFTP Server or if the prompt is already cached in the gateway’s memory will play the proper prompt to the enduser. Look at Quintum, they are a true voice gateway with true RADIUS Attributes dedicated to voice networks and voice and billing attributes for the various billing needs a Dialogic could also give you, where as like Cisco they are more into the data networks, and the radius is designed more to work with data networks not voice. Cisco is a great gateway don’t get me wrong, but from here what you have to look at is the billing and IVR system needed to do calling card services through a VoIP network. Today there is no need to buy Dialogic platforms unless you want to do more of a unified messaging system. That too is being changed with various IP messaging platforms coming into the market place at a much lower cost than the legacy Dialogic switches. There are Dialogic switches in the market that can handle typically 16 T-1’s or E-1’s then to scale you have to build another. The billing on Dialogic is usually charged on a per port basis which can be extremely pricey.

    Doing a RADIUS build with the proper radius server array you can handle more than 20 million but there are not many systems on the market than go past 10 million minutes per month. Post your e-mail and I can discuss more.

    Low entry and quick ROI now adays with either a hosted solution or owning your own.


    Hi Asif,
    The best and least cost solution for you is iEnsemble from FlashlineVive.
    It has IVR+Billing+Gateway. All you need to start up a calling card business for less than $5000.
    Good Luck!



    Thank you all for your replies. I’d also like to discuss more with you TNetCommunications.



    No problem

    Naraine Lalman

    What infrastructure(hardware/software/equipments etc) will I need to set up an international VoIP prepaid calling card business?


    hi all

    Anyone use TNetCommunications
    System before ?

    how is it ?
    is it good for Calling card ?

    pls let me know


    Hi Richard,

    Great question and HIGHLY recommended to any of you out there to do this to any billing vendor out there, as well as, the carriers you partner with. If any one wishes to obtain a referral list please don’t hesitate to contact us.


    Hi, please i need to know what exactly things(hardware,soft,machine and other) required to set up a prepaid calling card. Pls also enlight me more on what link u reguire to hook up with that (dial up or isdn)

    Please also enlight me on dial up internet provider

    VoIP Billing

    How does the billing of a prepaid VoIP business work? I intend to offer it to individuals as well as corporations. Ideally, businesses would probably pay via credit card, while individuals would buy the prepaid cards.


    one needs to implement a radius server to do billing on cisco.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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